Kevin Smith RB DET Jul 12 '7815 Comments

Kevin Smith did not play a single offensive snap in the Lions' Week 4 loss to the Vikings.

Smith has tumbled down the depth chart, now slotting in behind Mikel Leshoure and Joique Bell. Leshoure touched the football 17 times against Minnesota. Bell got seven touches and totaled a team-high 74 yards operating in the change-of-pace back role. We wouldn't be surprised if Smith encountered fantasy value before the season is up, but for now he's an RB5/waiver wire fodder.


St1r Jul 13 '78

The Lions are garbage and it's decisions like this that cause them to stay garbage.

Ghost_Lombardi Jul 13 '78

"The Detroit Lions have run the ball 25 times per game during the first four contests, but their running backs are averaging just 3.4 yards per carry. RB Mikel Leshoure has had 39 attempts for 126 yards (3.2 yds/att), RB Kevin Smith has had 29 attempts for 115 yards (4.0 yds/att) and RB Joique Bell has carried 13 times for 40 yards (3.1 yds/att)."

Smith must have slept with a coach's wife or something.

CaryNeumann Jul 13 '78

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. How do you bench a 4.0 avg RB, when your other runningbacks are getting 3.1 and 3.2 a carry.

Mackomish Jul 14 '78

I was just telling that same thing to someone the other night... he must have done something to piss off the coaching staff, that's the only logic... my guess is that he did the whole burning bag of poop on the doorstep trick to Schwartz but when he twisted his ankle while running away after the knock.

Mackomish Jul 14 '78

*but THEN he twisted his ankle...

badgasman9 Jul 12 '78

Kevin you always deserved better then Matt Millen and the lions. Could have been a great career.

Michakav Jul 12 '78

Yup. No way Smith should be riding the bench!

ten-a-key18 Jul 12 '78

not surprised they lost

Michakav Jul 12 '78

I wish the Steelers would pick him up.

PoppinTags Jul 13 '78

Greenbay could definitely use him.

Riggs44R Jul 14 '78

Plus, Handshake Schwatzy is the Head Coach and their defense has a bunch of wannabe thugs on it!

C_Lint Jul 14 '78

greenbay would ignore him also, benson is a better back, but smiths getting the shaft nyj, arizona, could use him.

Aim4Fame Jul 15 '78

Smith is better at catching out of the backfield than Benson - but I agree that GB wouldn't move on him. Smith's potential value through a trade elsewhere is the only reason I'm holding on to him at this point

Riggs44R Jul 15 '78

Plus, Leshoure could go down at some point and Best doesn't know whether he's coming or going.

PoppinTags Jul 15 '78

well he really shined for the first two weeks and now that he is out I have had to resort to pickin up jackie battle, bryce brown and starks. Imma GB fan and I don't think benson is worth the money. Cobb is definitely a more versatile player. Just hope Starks gets better soon :)