Maurice Morris RB DET Sep 07 '778 Comments

Maurice Morris will start next Sunday's game against the Saints if Kevin Smith (ankle) can't go.

The Detroit Free Press and other outlets are referring to Smith's injury as a "high ankle sprain," but it's unclear if that's an accurate assessment. Smith is still considered questionable for Week 13. Morris started four games earlier this year, averaging 9.7 carries for 45.2 yards with one touchdown and adding a total of five catches for 34 yards. The plodder would be a low-upside PPR plug-n-play if Smith sits this week.


billsrule Sep 10 '77

Maurice Morris or Roy Helu?

Shortii Sep 09 '77

>>smith killed my scores w/ 5.7 last week... he was projected to get 17 or more<<

You do realize he barely played a third of the game? He went out in the 2nd quarter with an ankle injury. Playing 1/3 of the game equates to 3 x 5.7 which is 17.1! There's your 17 projection.

DrTsizzle Sep 09 '77

yeah no doubt, when he gets better they put smith right back in over morris. who knows that could be this week.

Shortii Sep 10 '77

Yea, it;s a pisser because last I heard Smith is supposedly feeling better. I hate these game time decision's BS.

mbish980 Sep 10 '77

Regardless of the projection and playing time, the fact is that Smith (injury proneness) and Morris (aged legs) are both risky plays. 5.7 points sounds about right for a soft running back. Play at your own risk, I know I do...

DrTsizzle Sep 11 '77

Really depends if your league is PPR or not. The PPR give both the guys a higher upside depending on who starts

Abracadabra_U Sep 09 '77

i just dropped smith and picked-up morris off the wire.. i think this was the right thing to do... smith killed my scores w/ 5.7 last week... he was projected to get 17 or more... i have lynch and mcgahee running this week...

G-R-I-M Sep 10 '77

Dropping Smith for Morris? That's kind of crazy - Smith will be back in about a week and he's still great flex play when he does....I think it's a little unfair to call the guy soft or right him off after an injury in one game coming off short rest - He was well on his way to a 20pt day and will be a huge part of the Lions playoff chase - just look @ the guys #'s in '08/'09 when Det. was 2-26 - he was the ONLY guys on the team you could count on.