Dan Bailey K DAL Aug 17 '7715 Comments

Dan Bailey has set a franchise record for consecutive field goals made.

After going 3-for-3 yesterday, Bailey has nailed 19 straight field goals. "Don't mess with him," said special teams coach Joe DeCamillis. "Don't coach him. Leave him alone." Bailey's 20 field goals made on the season tie him for the league lead with Billy Cundiff.


jr20 Aug 21 '77

david buehler is bad

mercenarymoose Aug 18 '77

Sure is better than David Buehler

jr20 Aug 18 '77

dan bailey ftw

EL_JJ Aug 17 '77

What!! A legit running back and a kicker..........To the bowl baby......and to all Cowboy haters - F your life!!!

gabegard Aug 17 '77

In one sentence you summed up why everyone hates the Cowboys.

racenut Aug 17 '77

Bottom line ---- the Cowgirls suck!!!!!

logan111 Aug 19 '77

the 8-0 packers is where it's at

logan111 Aug 19 '77

how the heck would a kicker help them get "to the bowl baby"

EL_JJ Aug 19 '77

I was being a little sarcastic homie....however, if you only knew the parade of kickers that have come through d-town and how many games they have caused us the past few years.

EL_JJ Aug 19 '77

Last year the cowboys lost 4 games by 3 or less points that could be 10-6 instead of 6-10

jjoyave1 Aug 19 '77

I hate the pack, bunch of cheese-eatin' yankees.

logan111 Aug 19 '77

you probably hate them because they're so good

jjoyave1 Aug 19 '77

I just hate them in a rivalry sense. I tailgated with a bunch of 'em in downtown ATL pre us getting raped by the pack last year's playoffs. Pretty solid bunch of people notwithstanding.

Freeze the cheese.

FrenchyFoo Aug 20 '77


FrenchyFoo Aug 20 '77

Kickers decide big games. Look at all New Englands playoff and bowl games. Though, his streak can't last forever. Law of Trends will apply