The commish has cleared the league rosters. 19 hours ago


The owner of team has been removed by commish. 19 hours ago

Reggie Wayne WR NE.

Cut Reggie Wayne WR NE 2 days ago

Stevie Johnson WR SD.

Cut Stevie Johnson WR SD 2 days ago

Hakeem Nicks WR TEN.

Cut Hakeem Nicks WR TEN 2 days ago

Owen Daniels TE DEN.

Cut Owen Daniels TE DEN 2 days ago

Chris Johnson RB ARI.

Cut Chris Johnson RB ARI 2 days ago

Chicago Bears D/ST CHI.

Cut Chicago Bears D/ST CHI 2 days ago

Matt Bryant K ATL.

Cut Matt Bryant K ATL 2 days ago

Antonio Gates TE SD.

Cut Antonio Gates TE SD 2 days ago

Rob Gronkowski TE NE.

Cut Rob Gronkowski TE NE 2 days ago

Wes Welker WR DEN.

Cut Wes Welker WR DEN 2 days ago

Devin Hester WR ATL.

Cut Devin Hester WR ATL 2 days ago

Steven Jackson RB ATL.

Cut Steven Jackson RB ATL 2 days ago

Matt Ryan QB ATL.

Cut Matt Ryan QB ATL 2 days ago