The current draft pick is 12.3 (135th overall). is now drafting! The previous picks were
5 Mins Drafted Aaron Dobson WR NE 12.2 (134th overall)
4 Hrs Drafted Nick Novak K SD 12.1 (133rd overall) (using Commish Powers)
4 Hrs Drafted Blair Walsh K MIN 11.12 (132nd overall)
9 Hrs Drafted Dan Bailey K DAL 11.11 (131st overall)
9 Hrs Drafted Chris Ivory RB NYJ 11.10 (130th overall) (using Commish Powers)
17 Hrs Drafted Mason Crosby K GB 11.9 (129th overall)
21 Hrs Drafted Josh Gordon WR CLE 11.8 (128th overall)
21 Hrs Drafted LeGarrette Blount RB PIT 11.7 (127th overall)
21 Hrs Drafted Phil Dawson K SF 11.6 (126th overall) (using Commish Powers)
21 Hrs Drafted Steven Hauschka K SEA 11.5 (125th overall)
22 Hrs Drafted Pittsburgh Steelers TM PIT 11.4 (124th overall)
22 Hrs Drafted Steve Smith WR BAL 11.3 (123rd overall)
22 Hrs Drafted Knile Davis RB KC 11.2 (122nd overall)
23 Hrs Drafted Jace Amaro TE NYJ 11.1 (121st overall) (using Commish Powers)
23 Hrs Drafted Justin Tucker K BAL 10.12 (120th overall) (using Commish Powers)
23 Hrs Drafted Doug Baldwin WR SEA 10.11 (119th overall)