The current draft pick is 5.8 (56th overall). is now drafting! The previous picks were
1 Day Drafted Shane Vereen RB NE 1.12 (12th overall)
1 Day Drafted Reggie Bush RB DET 2.1 (13th overall)
1 Day Drafted Cam Newton QB CAR 2.2 (14th overall)
1 Day Drafted Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 2.3 (15th overall)
23 Hrs Drafted Seattle Seahawks TM SEA 2.4 (16th overall)
23 Hrs Drafted Roddy White WR ATL 2.5 (17th overall)
22 Hrs Drafted T. Y. Hilton WR IND 2.6 (18th overall)
21 Hrs Drafted Tom Brady QB NE 2.7 (19th overall)
21 Hrs Drafted Ben Tate RB CLE 2.8 (20th overall)
20 Hrs Drafted Cordarrelle Patterson WR MIN 2.9 (21st overall)
20 Hrs Drafted Frank Gore RB SF 2.10 (22nd overall)
20 Hrs Drafted Michael Crabtree WR SF 2.11 (23rd overall)
19 Hrs Drafted Colin Kaepernick QB SF 2.12 (24th overall)
19 Hrs Drafted Torrey Smith WR BAL 3.1 (25th overall)
19 Hrs Drafted Bishop Sankey RB TEN 3.2 (26th overall)
19 Hrs Drafted Julian Edelman WR NE 3.3 (27th overall)