The current draft pick is 5.3 (51st overall). is now drafting! The previous picks were
8 Mins Drafted Fred Jackson RB BUF 5.2 (50th overall)
35 Mins Drafted Darren Sproles RB PHI 5.1 (49th overall)
35 Mins Drafted Michael Floyd WR ARI 4.12 (48th overall)
44 Mins Drafted Zach Ertz TE PHI 4.11 (47th overall)
48 Mins Drafted Wes Welker WR DEN 4.10 (46th overall)
3 Hrs Drafted Kendall Wright WR TEN 4.9 (45th overall)
3 Hrs Drafted Emmanuel Sanders WR DEN 4.8 (44th overall)
4 Hrs Drafted Jeremy Maclin WR PHI 4.7 (43rd overall)
12 Hrs Drafted Jonathan Stewart RB CAR 4.6 (42nd overall)
12 Hrs Drafted Pierre Thomas RB NO 4.5 (41st overall)
13 Hrs Drafted Robert Griffin QB WAS 4.4 (40th overall)
13 Hrs Drafted Jordan Reed TE WAS 4.3 (39th overall)
13 Hrs Drafted Eric Decker WR NYJ 4.2 (38th overall)
14 Hrs Drafted Jay Cutler QB CHI 4.1 (37th overall)
14 Hrs Drafted Jason Witten TE DAL 3.12 (36th overall)
14 Hrs Drafted Jordan Cameron TE CLE 3.11 (35th overall)