4 MonthsThe 2014 schedule has been automatically generated.
18 Days put Jordy Nelson WR GB on the trading block.
18 Days put Giovani Bernard RB CIN on the trading block.
7 DaysThe commish has released all non-keepers.
7 DaysThe commish has changed the draft settings.
7 Days Drafted Giovani Bernard RB CIN 1.1 (1st overall)
7 Days Drafted Jordy Nelson WR GB 1.2 (2nd overall)
7 Days Drafted Antonio Brown WR PIT 1.3 (3rd overall)
7 Days Drafted Pierre Garcon WR WAS 1.4 (4th overall)
7 Days Drafted Vincent Jackson WR TB 1.5 (5th overall)
7 Days Drafted Vernon Davis TE SF 1.6 (6th overall)
6 Days Drafted Rob Gronkowski TE NE 1.7 (7th overall)
6 Days Drafted Andre Johnson WR HOU 1.8 (8th overall)
6 Days Drafted C. J. Spiller RB BUF 1.9 (9th overall)
6 Days Drafted Rashad Jennings RB NYG 1.10 (10th overall)
6 Days Drafted Keenan Allen WR SD 1.11 (11th overall)