The current draft pick is 11.3 (123rd overall). is now drafting! The previous picks were
20 Mins Drafted Knile Davis RB KC 11.2 (122nd overall)
48 Mins Drafted Jace Amaro TE NYJ 11.1 (121st overall) (using Commish Powers)
48 Mins Drafted Justin Tucker K BAL 10.12 (120th overall) (using Commish Powers)
59 Mins Drafted Doug Baldwin WR SEA 10.11 (119th overall)
3 Hrs Drafted Houston Texans TM HOU 10.10 (118th overall)
4 Hrs Drafted Dwayne Bowe WR KC 10.9 (117th overall)
4 Hrs Drafted Antonio Gates TE SD 10.8 (116th overall)
5 Hrs Drafted Arizona Cardinals TM ARI 10.7 (115th overall)
7 Hrs Drafted Andrew Hawkins WR CLE 10.6 (114th overall)
8 Hrs Drafted Benny Cunningham RB STL 10.5 (113th overall)
8 Hrs Drafted Robert Turbin RB SEA 10.4 (112th overall)
8 Hrs Drafted Anquan Boldin WR SF 10.3 (111th overall) (using Commish Powers)
9 Hrs Drafted Lance Dunbar RB DAL 10.2 (110th overall)
10 Hrs Drafted Eric Ebron TE DET 10.1 (109th overall)
10 Hrs Drafted Devonta Freeman RB ATL 9.12 (108th overall)
10 Hrs Drafted Heath Miller TE PIT 9.11 (107th overall)