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1.1 (1st overall)
R. Cobb WR GB
1.2 (2nd overall)
L. Bell RB PIT
1.3 (3rd overall)
M. Ball RB DEN
1.4 (4th overall)
A. Jeffery WR CHI
1.5 (5th overall)
Seahawks TM SEA
1.6 (6th overall)
49ers TM SF
1.7 (7th overall)
J. Thomas TE DEN
1.8 (8th overall)
R. Bush RB DET
1.9 (9th overall)
R. Mathews RB SD
1.10 (10th overall)
G. Bernard RB CIN
1.11 (11th overall)
A. Brown WR PIT
1.12 (12th overall)
Z. Stacy RB STL
2.12 (24th overall)
J. Witten TE DAL
2.11 (23rd overall)
F. Jackson RB BUF
2.10 (22nd overall)
M. Crabtree WR SF
2.9 (21st overall)
C. Patterson WR MIN
2.8 (20th overall)
J. Gordon WR CLE
2.7 (19th overall)
A. Boldin WR SF
2.6 (18th overall)
A. Ellington RB ARI
2.5 (17th overall)
K. Allen WR SD
2.4 (16th overall)
W. Welker WR DEN
2.3 (15th overall)
J. Cameron TE CLE
2.2 (14th overall)
V. Davis TE SF
2.1 (13th overall)
P. Garcon WR WAS
3.1 (25th overall)
J. Edelman WR NE
3.2 (26th overall)
N. Foles QB PHI
3.3 (27th overall)
M. Floyd WR ARI
3.4 (28th overall)
M. Prater K DEN
3.5 (29th overall)
T. Hilton WR IND
3.6 (30th overall)
J. Bell RB DET
3.7 (31st overall)
C. Spiller RB BUF
3.8 (32nd overall)
J. Jones WR OAK
3.9 (33rd overall)
M. Ryan QB ATL
3.10 (34th overall)
T. Smith WR BAL
3.11 (35th overall)
R. Jennings RB NYG
3.12 (36th overall)
B. Sankey RB TEN
4.12 (48th overall)
T. Romo QB DAL
4.11 (47th overall)
C. Clay TE MIA
4.10 (46th overall)
D. Pitta TE BAL
4.9 (45th overall)
T. Gerhart RB JAC
4.8 (44th overall)
R. Wilson QB SEA
4.7 (43rd overall)
A. Dalton QB CIN
4.6 (42nd overall)
P. Thomas RB NO
4.5 (41st overall)
E. Ebron TE DET
4.4 (40th overall)
D. McFadden RB OAK
4.3 (39th overall)
J. Maclin WR PHI
4.2 (38th overall)
P. Rivers QB SD
4.1 (37th overall)
R. Griffin QB WAS
5.1 (49th overall)
S. Vereen RB NE
5.2 (50th overall)
T. Richardson RB IND
5.3 (51st overall)
J. Reed TE WAS
5.4 (52nd overall)
S. Jackson RB ATL
5.5 (53rd overall)
D. Williams RB CAR
5.6 (54th overall)
A. Gates TE SD
5.7 (55th overall)
T. Williams WR DAL
5.8 (56th overall)
J. Tucker K BAL
5.9 (57th overall)
A. Vinatieri K IND
5.10 (58th overall)
B. Tate RB CLE
5.11 (59th overall)
M. Wallace WR MIA
5.12 (60th overall)
E. Sanders WR DEN
6.12 (72nd overall)
S. Janikowski K OAK
6.11 (71st overall)
R. Cooper WR PHI
6.10 (70th overall)
K. Wright WR TEN
6.9 (69th overall)
S. Watkins WR BUF
6.8 (68th overall)
N. Novak K SD
6.7 (67th overall)
P. Dawson K SF
6.6 (66th overall)
M. Evans WR TB
6.5 (65th overall)
Texans TM HOU
6.4 (64th overall)
M. Colston WR NO
6.3 (63rd overall)
S. Hauschka K SEA
6.2 (62nd overall)
K. Rudolph TE MIN
6.1 (61st overall)
M. Crosby K GB
7.1 (73rd overall)
R. Rodgers TE GB
7.2 (74th overall)
Bengals TM CIN
7.3 (75th overall)
R. Rice RB BAL
7.4 (76th overall)
D. Allen TE IND
7.5 (77th overall)
M. Jones WR CIN
7.6 (78th overall)
D. Woodhead RB SD
7.7 (79th overall)
R. Wayne WR IND
7.8 (80th overall)
L. Miller RB MIA
7.9 (81st overall)
C. Fleener TE IND
7.10 (82nd overall)
K. Stills WR NO
7.11 (83rd overall)
D. Bowe WR KC
7.12 (84th overall)
J. Stewart RB CAR
8.12 (96th overall)
B. Cooks WR NO
8.11 (95th overall)
M. Ingram RB NO
8.10 (94th overall)
B. Pierce RB BAL
8.9 (93rd overall)
A. Smith QB KC
8.8 (92nd overall)
Bills TM BUF
8.7 (91st overall)
G. Tate WR DET
8.6 (90th overall)
C. Palmer QB ARI
8.5 (89th overall)
D. Sproles RB PHI
8.4 (88th overall)
Cardinals TM ARI
8.3 (87th overall)
R. Tannehill QB MIA
8.2 (86th overall)
S. Ridley RB NE
8.1 (85th overall)
H. Nicks WR IND
9.1 (97th overall)
Saints TM NO
9.2 (98th overall)
S. Johnson WR SF
9.3 (99th overall)
S. Bradford QB STL
9.4 (100th overall)
T. West RB CLE
9.5 (101st overall)
J. Cook TE STL
9.6 (102nd overall)
Colts TM IND
9.7 (103rd overall)
D. Walker TE TEN
9.8 (104th overall)
B. Rainey RB TB
9.9 (105th overall)
C. Shorts WR JAC
9.10 (106th overall)
Z. Ertz TE PHI
9.11 (107th overall)
D. Amendola WR NE
9.12 (108th overall)
Buccaneers TM TB
10.12 (120th overall)
K. Carey RB CHI
10.11 (119th overall)
O. Daniels TE BAL
10.10 (118th overall)
R. Randle WR NYG
10.9 (117th overall)
Giants TM NYG
10.8 (116th overall)
B. Hartline WR MIA
10.7 (115th overall)
R. Mendenhall RB ARI
10.6 (114th overall)
M. Bryant K ATL
10.5 (113th overall)
J. McCown QB TB
10.4 (112th overall)
C. Ivory RB NYJ
10.3 (111th overall)
Packers TM GB
10.2 (110th overall)
D. Carpenter K BUF
10.1 (109th overall)
H. Miller TE PIT
11.1 (121st overall)
J. Gresham TE CIN