Angels101402030 11150
Orioles100001000 260
Final E. Aybar 27, J. Weaver 17, V. Guerrero Jr. 12
TeamTimeOutsDescriptionScoreMax Pts
LAATop 62Jeff Mathis Hit By Pitch, pitcher Brad Bergesen6-1
LAATop 61Time Caught Stealing6-1
LAATop 42Howie Kendrick Time Caught Stealing6-1
LAATop 12Mark Trumbo Hit By Pitch, pitcher Alfredo Simon1-0
LAATop 42Erick Aybar 2-Run Home Run, Jeff Mathis scores, pitcher Alfredo Simon6-18
LAATop 41Vernon Wells 2-Run Home Run, Alberto Callaspo scores, pitcher Alfredo Simon4-18
BALBot 61Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Jered Weaver8-27
LAATop 30Erick Aybar 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Alfredo Simon2-17
LAATop 62Howie Kendrick 2-Run Double, Erick Aybar scores, Jeff Mathis scores, pitcher Brad Bergesen8-14
BALBot 12Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 1-Run Triple, Nick Markakis scores, pitcher Jered Weaver1-14
LAATop 81Erick Aybar 1-Run Double, Peter Bourjos scores, pitcher Jo-Jo Reyes9-23
LAATop 11Bobby Abreu 1-Run Double, Erick Aybar scores, pitcher Alfredo Simon1-03
BALBot 90Josh Martin Strikeout, pitcher Rich Thompson11-22
BALBot 81Jake Fox Strikeout, pitcher Bobby Cassevah11-22
BALBot 80Pedro Florimon Strikeout, pitcher Bobby Cassevah11-22
LAATop 82Torii Hunter 1-Run Single, Howie Kendrick scores, pitcher Jo-Jo Reyes11-22
LAATop 81Howie Kendrick 1-Run Single, Erick Aybar scores, pitcher Jo-Jo Reyes10-22
BALBot 72Craig Tatum Strikeout, pitcher Hisanori Takahashi8-22
BALBot 71Nolan Reimold Strikeout, pitcher Hisanori Takahashi8-22
LAATop 71Mark Trumbo Double, pitcher Jason Berken8-22
LAATop 62Erick Aybar Double, Jeff Mathis to 3rd, pitcher Brad Bergesen6-12
LAATop 52Mark Trumbo Double, pitcher Alfredo Simon6-12
LAATop 50Bobby Abreu Strikeout, pitcher Alfredo Simon6-12
LAATop 30Howie Kendrick Strikeout, pitcher Alfredo Simon2-12
BALBot 22Craig Tatum Strikeout, pitcher Jered Weaver1-12
BALBot 20Josh Martin Strikeout, pitcher Jered Weaver1-12
LAATop 22Jeff Mathis Strikeout, pitcher Alfredo Simon1-12
LAATop 11Torii Hunter Strikeout, pitcher Alfredo Simon1-02
LAATop 10Howie Kendrick Strikeout, pitcher Alfredo Simon0-02
BALBot 92Nolan Reimold Out Gil Velazquez, Efren Navarro, pitcher Rich Thompson11-21
BALBot 91Ryan Adams Out Andrew Romine, pitcher Rich Thompson11-21
LAATop 92Gil Velazquez Out Nolan Reimold, pitcher Jeremy Accardo11-21
LAATop 91Alexi Amarista Out Pedro Florimon, pitcher Jeremy Accardo11-21
LAATop 90Efren Navarro Out Pedro Florimon, Chris Davis, pitcher Jeremy Accardo11-21
BALBot 82Chris Davis Out Howie Kendrick, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Bobby Cassevah11-21
BALBot 82Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Walk, Matt Angle to 2nd, pitcher Bobby Cassevah11-21
BALBot 80Matt Angle Walk, pitcher Bobby Cassevah11-21
LAATop 81Bobby Abreu Out Robert Andino, Chris Davis, Howie Kendrick to 2nd, pitcher Jo-Jo Reyes10-21
LAATop 80Peter Bourjos Walk, pitcher Jo-Jo Reyes8-21
BALBot 70Robert Andino Out Peter Bourjos, pitcher Hisanori Takahashi8-21
LAATop 72Vernon Wells Out Matt Angle, pitcher Jason Berken8-21
LAATop 71Alberto Callaspo Out Jason Berken, Chris Davis, Mark Trumbo to 3rd, pitcher Jason Berken8-21
LAATop 70Torii Hunter Out Nick Markakis, pitcher Jason Berken8-21
BALBot 61Josh Martin Out Jered Weaver, Erick Aybar, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jered Weaver8-21
BALBot 61Chris Davis Single, pitcher Jered Weaver8-21
BALBot 60Nick Markakis Out Peter Bourjos, pitcher Jered Weaver8-11
LAATop 62Bobby Abreu Out Matt Angle, pitcher Zach Phillips8-11
LAATop 60Peter Bourjos Out J.J. Hardy, Chris Davis, Vernon Wells to 2nd, pitcher Brad Bergesen6-11
LAATop 60Vernon Wells Single, pitcher Brad Bergesen6-11
BALBot 52J.J. Hardy Out Peter Bourjos, pitcher Jered Weaver6-11
BALBot 51Matt Angle Out Torii Hunter, pitcher Jered Weaver6-11
BALBot 50Craig Tatum Out Torii Hunter, pitcher Jered Weaver6-11
LAATop 52Alberto Callaspo Out Chris Davis, pitcher Alfredo Simon6-11
LAATop 51Torii Hunter Out J.J. Hardy, Chris Davis, pitcher Alfredo Simon6-11
BALBot 42Kyle Hudson Out Erick Aybar, pitcher Jered Weaver6-11
BALBot 41Robert Andino Out Peter Bourjos, pitcher Jered Weaver6-11
BALBot 40Josh Martin Out Erick Aybar, Mark Trumbo, Chris Davis to 2nd, pitcher Jered Weaver6-11
BALBot 40Chris Davis Single, pitcher Jered Weaver6-11
LAATop 42Howie Kendrick Single, pitcher Alfredo Simon6-11
LAATop 42Jeff Mathis Single, pitcher Alfredo Simon4-11
LAATop 41Peter Bourjos Out J.J. Hardy, Chris Davis, pitcher Alfredo Simon4-11
LAATop 41Alberto Callaspo Single, pitcher Alfredo Simon2-11
LAATop 40Mark Trumbo Out J.J. Hardy, Chris Davis, pitcher Alfredo Simon2-11
BALBot 32Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Out Peter Bourjos, pitcher Jered Weaver2-11
BALBot 32Nick Markakis Single, pitcher Jered Weaver2-11
BALBot 31J.J. Hardy Out Peter Bourjos, pitcher Jered Weaver2-11
BALBot 30Matt Angle Out Vernon Wells, pitcher Jered Weaver2-11
LAATop 32Torii Hunter Out J.J. Hardy, Chris Davis, pitcher Alfredo Simon2-11
LAATop 31Bobby Abreu Out Alfredo Simon, Chris Davis, pitcher Alfredo Simon2-11
BALBot 21Kyle Hudson Out Alberto Callaspo, Mark Trumbo, Robert Andino to 2nd, pitcher Jered Weaver1-11
BALBot 21Robert Andino Walk, pitcher Jered Weaver1-11
LAATop 21Peter Bourjos Out Craig Tatum, pitcher Alfredo Simon1-11
LAATop 20Vernon Wells Out J.J. Hardy, Chris Davis, pitcher Alfredo Simon1-11
BALBot 12Chris Davis Out Torii Hunter, pitcher Jered Weaver1-11
BALBot 12Nick Markakis Single, pitcher Jered Weaver1-01
BALBot 11J.J. Hardy Out Torii Hunter, pitcher Jered Weaver1-01
BALBot 10Matt Angle Out Jered Weaver, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Jered Weaver1-01
LAATop 12Alberto Callaspo Out Kyle Hudson, pitcher Alfredo Simon1-01
LAATop 10Erick Aybar Walk, pitcher Alfredo Simon0-01