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The Angels have mapped out a comeback plan for Hamilton (shoulder), who could rejoin the team as soon as early June, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Hamilton is expected to spend two or three weeks at the Angels' spring training complex in Arizona, and he'll then begin a minor league rehab assignment. There are still some serious questions about his fractured relationship with the Angels organization, as it's unclear whether owner Arte Moreno will try to have Hamilton's contract voided. It's also quite possible that the team will explore a trade, but there does seem to be a decent chance that Hamilton actually plays for the Angels this season.

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Hamilton (shoulder) is in good shape mentally and physically and could return to the Angels relatively soon if the club allows it, Yahoo! Sports reports.

Hamilton escaped discipline by the league, but it's yet to be determined whether the team will impose any punishment on him. If not, it's possible he will return to the club in short order, but an update should come when that date draws near.

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Owner Arte Moreno would not say that Hamilton, who will not be punished by the league after admitting to using drugs of abuse, would play another game for the Angels, Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times reports.

Moreno went on to say that "we have a contract with Hamilton and that contract has specific language, that he signed and that was approved, that said he could not drink or use drug. Before adding that the team could look to pursue that clause in the contract. The MLBPA refutes the assertion that such language exists, as it would "supersede the provisions of the Joint Drug Agreement and/or the Basic Agreement." Hamilton is currently rehabbing his shoulder in Houston, but it looks as though things may get worse before they get better, casting serious doubt as to when the 33-year-old will be back on the field this season.

Josh Hamilton LF/DH LAA 2 weeks ago

The Angels officially placed Hamilton (shoulder) on the 15-day DL on Saturday.

The move was made retroactive to March 27th. It's perhaps noteworthy that he club used the 15-day DL rather than the 60-day DL, though there's still no specific projected return date for Hamilton.

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Hamilton (shoulder) will not be suspended after an arbitrator decided he did not violate his treatment program, FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal reports.

Hamilton was facing some sort of suspension for his drug relapse during the offseason, but MLB and the Players Association were "deadlocked on that issue," and an arbitrator ultimately ruled that Hamilton would not be punished. While Hamilton will not miss any time due to suspension, he continues to deal with a shoulder injury, and it is uncertain when he will be ready for his regular season debut.

Josh Hamilton LF/DH LAA 3 weeks ago

A decision regarding Hamilton's (shoulder) punishment for taking drugs of abuse could be passed down as early as Friday, Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times reports.

If an independent arbitrator decides Hamilton violated his treatment program, commissioner Rob Manfred will likely hand down a suspension. There is no word on the length of the penalty he would receive, but given that Hamilton is on record as having failed six previous drug tests, he could be looking at a year-long ban. Hamilton is slated to start the season on the disabled list while rehabbing his shoulder, which would count as time served towards the suspension.

Josh Hamilton LF/DH LAA 3 weeks ago

Hamilton (shoulder) has been hitting off a tee but still hasn't progressed to any other significant baseball activities, Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times reports.

At the very least, Hamilton's shoulder will likely keep him out through all of April. He's also facing a possible suspension for using drugs of abuse, with a final decision expected to come before Opening Day. While everything seemingly points in the direction of a suspension, the length of Hamilton's absence remains very unclear. A report from late February said he'll likely serve a suspension of at least 25 games, but it's also possible that Hamilton's proactive approach will cause MLB to treat him as a first-time offender, in which case the ban might only last 15-to-25 games. It's probably best to plan as if Hamilton won't be playing in games before late May or June.

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Hamilton is actively rehabbing his right shoulder after undergoing surgery in February, Alden Gonzalez of reports.

It's no secret that Hamilton has more important things than baseball to worry about at the moment, but general manager Jerry Dipoto said the 33-year-old has taken at least one round of batting practice this spring. There is no word on when the decision on his suspension for using drugs of abuse will be rendered, but it will be hard to speculate as to when he will play ball again until we know what type of punishment he will face.

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A decision on Hamilton's suspension could come as early as next week, according to Fox Sports.

There has been no word as to an exact date when a decision will be made, but a source said that the league would likely have the matter settled before Opening day. The length of the suspension is not firm at this point, with proposed penalties ranging from 15 days to a full season. An arbitrator is currently deciding whether Hamilton will enter into a treatment program, which would likely entitle him to what amounts to $6.2 million of the $25 million he is owed this season if he remains there for 60 days, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Josh Hamilton LF/DH LAA 2 months ago

An arbitrator will decide whether Hamilton (shoulder) will enter into a treatment program after admitting to drug abuse, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Hamilton is set to face a suspension of some length after admitting to a relapse, but the terms have yet to be set. A four-person panel was tasked to decide whether Hamilton would enter into a treatment program, but a deadlocked vote has necessitated the input of an arbitrator. The decision will be significant for the Angels, as Hamilton, who is scheduled to make $25 million this season, would get his full salary for the first 30 days of the program, and half his salary for the next month. The Angels are not required to pay him if he does not enter such a program. Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register reported that there isn't likely to be a decision regarding the suspension any time soon, which raises the question of how much time Hamilton will see on the field in 2015.