Sons Of Pitches

Y. GomesCCLEStarting C
Y. GrandalC/1BLADBenched
S. VogtC/1B/RFOAKBenched
C. BethancourtCATLBenched
M. Adams1BSTLStarting 1B
J. Singleton1BHOUStarting UTIL
M. Johnson2BCWSStarting 2B
J. Baez2B/SSCHCStarting SS
M. Semien2B/3BOAKBenched
Y. Moncada2BBOSBenched
M. Carpenter3BSTLStarting 3B
M. Sano3BMINBenched
J. Gallo3BTEXBenched
H. Olivera3BLADBenched
Y. PuigCF/RFLADStarting OF
B. HamiltonCFCINStarting OF
R. CastilloCFBOSStarting OF
J. PedersonCFLADBenched
G. PolancoRFPITStarting UTIL
A. GarciaRFCWSBenched
D. DuffySPKCStarting SP
N. EovaldiSPNYYStarting SP
Y. VenturaSPKCStarting P
D. SalazarSPCLEStarting P
J. NelsonSPMILStarting P
T. WalkerSPSEAStarting P
G. RichardsSPLAABenched
M. GonzalesSPSTLBenched
K. GravemanSPOAKBenched
D. NorrisSPTORBenched
M. HarveySPNYMBenched
R. IglesiasSPCINBenched
C. RodonSPCWSBenched
Y. DarvishSPTEXInjured DL
A. ChapmanRPCINStarting RP
K. GilesRPPHIBenched

Dr. Stus' Slammers

T. GosewischCARIStarting C
E. GattisCHOUBenched
M. WietersCBALBenched
E. Hosmer1BKCStarting 1B
A. Pujols1B/DHLAAStarting UTIL
B. Butler1B/DHOAKStarting UTIL
M. Trumbo1B/LFARIBenched
K. Morales1B/DHKCBenched
B. Dozier2BMINStarting 2B
S. Gennett2BMILBenched
A. SimmonsSSATLStarting SS
M. Moustakas3BKCStarting 3B
P. Sandoval3BBOSBenched
M. CabreraLFCWSStarting OF
J. UptonLFSDStarting OF
S. ChooLF/RF..TEXBenched
L. CainCF/RFKCBenched
J. HeywardRFSTLStarting OF
O. ArciaRFMINBenched
D. PompeyRFTORBenched
J. TeheranSPATLStarting SP
I. KennedySPSDStarting SP
M. LeakeSPCINBenched
H. RyuSPLADBenched
T. LincecumSPSFBenched
M. StromanSPTORBenched
T. MatzekSPCOLBenched
A. DeSclafaniPCINBenched
G. HollandRPKCStarting RP
K. UeharaRPBOSStarting P
A. ReedRPARIStarting P
L. HawkinsRPCOLStarting P
C. QuallsRPHOUStarting P
Z. BrittonRPBALBenched
E. MujicaRPBOSBenched


T. d'ArnaudCNYMStarting C
B. McCannC/1B/DHNYYBenched
D. NavarroC/DHTORBenched
J. Abreu1B/DHCWSStarting 1B
P. Goldschmidt1BARIStarting UTIL
C. Davis1B/3BBALBenched
I. Kinsler2BDETStarting 2B
D. Gordon2BMIAStarting UTIL
A. Cabrera2B/SSTBBenched
R. Odor2BTEXBenched
W. Flores2B/SSNYMBenched
X. BogaertsSS/3BBOSStarting SS
A. HechavarriaSSMIABenched
J. Donaldson3BTORStarting 3B
W. Middlebrooks3BSDBenched
C. YelichLF/CFMIAStarting OF
C. GomezCFMILStarting OF
A. EatonCFCWSBenched
M. TaylorCFWASBenched
B. BuxtonCFMINBenched
J. SolerRFCHCStarting OF
Y. TomasRFARIBenched
F. HernandezSPSEAStarting SP
D. PriceSPDETStarting SP
D. FisterSPWASStarting P
M. TanakaSPNYYStarting P
S. MillerSPATLStarting P
N. SyndergaardSPNYMStarting P
J. NieseSPNYMBenched
T. HouseSPCLEBenched
M. PinedaSPNYYBenched
T. CingraniSPCINBenched
Z. WheelerSPNYMInjured DL
S. RomoRPSFStarting RP
N. FelizRPTEXBenched

C. SantanaC/1B/..CLEStarting C
W. RosarioCCOLBenched
R. RiveraCTBBenched
A. LaRoche1BCWSStarting 1B
B. Moss1B/LF..CLEBenched
L. Chisenhall1B/3B..CLEBenched
P. Fielder1BTEXBenched
J. Altuve2BHOUStarting 2B
A. Hill2BARIBenched
H. RamirezSSBOSStarting SS
E. AndrusSSTEXBenched
A. Beltre3B/DHTEXStarting 3B
N. Arenado3BCOLBenched
M. BrantleyLF/CFCLEStarting OF
N. CruzLF/RF..SEAStarting OF
C. BlackmonOFCOLStarting OF
C. GonzalezLF/RFCOLStarting UTIL
M. TroutCFLAAStarting UTIL
S. StrasburgSPWASStarting SP
R. PorcelloSPBOSStarting SP
W. PeraltaSPMILStarting P
J. VerlanderSPDETStarting P
C. WilsonSPLAAStarting P
J. LackeySPSTLBenched
J. QuintanaSPCWSBenched
J. CollmenterSPARIBenched
B. McCarthySPLADBenched
J. De La RosaSPCOLBenched
D. SmylySPTBBenched
J. CosartSPMIABenched
D. HollandSPTEXBenched
J. ParkerSPOAKInjured DL
P. CorbinSPARIInjured DL
A. GriffinSPOAKInjured DL
D. RobertsonRPCWSStarting RP
C. AllenRPCLEStarting P
S. CasillaRPSFBenched
A. SanchezRPTORBenched

mesa pirates

F. CervelliCPITStarting C
J. SaltalamacchiaCMIABenched
J. Bautista1B/CF..TORStarting 1B
T. Frazier1B/3BCINStarting 3B
A. Rizzo1BCHCStarting UTIL
M. Morse1B/LFMIABenched
B. Phillips2BCINStarting 2B
C. Owings2B/SSARIBenched
J. MercerSSPITStarting SS
J. HardySSBALBenched
J. KangSSPITBenched
K. Seager3BSEAStarting UTIL
E. Longoria3BTBBenched
D. Freese3B/DHLAABenched
P. Alvarez3BPITBenched
J. MartinezLF/RFDETStarting OF
C. RasmusCFHOUBenched
J. ReddickRFOAKStarting OF
W. MyersRFSDStarting OF
J. BellRFPITBenched
J. SamardzijaSPCWSStarting SP
G. GonzalezSPWASStarting SP
A. BurnettSPPITStarting P
V. WorleySPPITStarting P
B. AndersonSPLADStarting P
C. MortonSPPITBenched
J. LockeSPPITBenched
J. TaillonSPPITBenched
T. WatsonRPPITStarting RP
B. CecilRPTORStarting P
W. DavisRPKCBenched
R. SorianoRPWASBenched

Yankee Bombers

D. MesoracoCCINStarting C
K. SuzukiCMINBenched
J. Morneau1BCOLStarting 1B
F. Freeman1BATLStarting UTIL
J. Loney1BTBStarting UTIL
S. Pearce1B/LFBALBenched
M. Teixeira1BNYYBenched
N. Walker2BPITStarting 2B
L. Valbuena2B/3BHOUBenched
S. CastroSSCHCStarting SS
A. EscobarSSKCBenched
T. Plouffe3BMINStarting 3B
M. HollidayLFSTLStarting OF
A. GordonLFKCStarting OF
S. SmithLF/RFSEABenched
R. DavisLF/CFDETBenched
C. CrispCF/DHOAKStarting OF
A. PaganCFSFBenched
J. ZimmermannSPWASStarting SP
J. WeaverSPLAAStarting SP
P. HughesSPMINStarting P
J. deGromSPNYMStarting P
M. ShoemakerSPLAAStarting P
M. FiersSPMILStarting P
R. DickeySPTORBenched
A. HarangSPPHIBenched
J. HammelSPCHCBenched
C. CarrascoPCLEBenched
Y. GallardoSPTEXBenched
B. NorrisSPBALBenched
J. MejiaPNYMBenched
K. HendricksSPCHCBenched
J. HahnSPOAKBenched
M. PerezSPTEXInjured DL
B. BeachySPLADInjured DL
G. PerkinsRPMINStarting RP
J. SmithRPLAABenched


W. RamosCWASStarting C
C. RuizCPHIBenched
M. ZuninoCSEABenched
V. Martinez1B/DHDETStarting 1B
J. Votto1BCINStarting UTIL
L. Duda1BNYMBenched
A. Craig1B/LF..BOSBenched
C. Utley2BPHIStarting 2B
M. Prado2B/3BMIAStarting 3B
J. Panik2BSFStarting UTIL
A. RamirezSSCWSStarting SS
J. RollinsSSLADBenched
J. PeraltaSSSTLBenched
C. Johnson3BATLBenched
D. AckleyLFSEABenched
A. PollockCFARIStarting OF
J. LagaresCFNYMBenched
R. BraunRFMILStarting OF
A. RiosRF/DHKCStarting OF
C. BeltranRF/DHNYYBenched
S. VictorinoRFBOSBenched
B. ColonSPNYMStarting SP
E. SantanaSPMINStarting SP
Y. PetitPSFStarting P
C. TillmanSPBALBenched
W. ChenSPBALBenched
W. MileySPBOSBenched
F. LirianoSPPITBenched
C. BuchholzSPBOSBenched
C. SabathiaSPNYYBenched
F. RodriguezRPMILStarting RP
F. RodneyRPSEAStarting P
J. FamiliaRPNYMStarting P
J. NathanRPDETStarting P
J. BroxtonRPMILBenched
K. JansenRPLADInjured DL
B. ParnellRPNYMInjured DL

The Instant Classics

S. PerezCKCStarting C
J. AlfaroCTEXBenched
M. Cabrera1B/DHDETStarting 1B
A. Gonzalez1BLADStarting UTIL
J. Kipnis2BCLEStarting 2B
B. Zobrist2B/SS..OAKStarting SS
M. Machado3BBALStarting 3B
J. Lamb3BARIBenched
K. Bryant3BCHCBenched
Y. CespedesLF/DHDETStarting OF
S. MarteLF/CFPITBenched
M. JoyceLF/RF..LAABenched
B. HarperLF/RFWASBenched
A. McCutchenCFPITStarting OF
G. StantonRFMIAStarting OF
G. SpringerRFHOUStarting UTIL
C. MartinezPSTLStarting SP
D. BundySPBALStarting SP
C. KershawSPLADBenched
M. ScherzerSPWASBenched
Z. GreinkeSPLADBenched
H. IwakumaSPSEABenched
J. ArrietaSPCHCBenched
K. LohseSPMILBenched
C. ArcherSPTBBenched
H. AlvarezSPMIABenched
G. ColeSPPITBenched
A. SanchezSPDETBenched
A. CashnerSPSDBenched
K. GausmanSPBALBenched
J. FernandezSPMIABenched
D. BetancesRPNYYStarting RP
C. KimbrelRPATLStarting P
D. StorenRPWASStarting P
J. PeraltaRPLADStarting P


J. LucroyC/1BMILStarting C
J. CastroC/DHHOUBenched
C. Carter1B/DHHOUStarting 1B
M. Reynolds1B/3BSTLStarting UTIL
K. Vargas1B/DHMINBenched
B. Belt1BSFBenched
K. Wong2BSTLStarting 2B
A. Alcantara2B/CFCHCStarting OF
D. Murphy2B/3BNYMStarting UTIL
J. Schoop2B/3BBALBenched
J. ReyesSSTORStarting SS
B. CrawfordSSSFBenched
D. Wright3BNYMStarting 3B
C. DickersonLFCOLStarting OF
K. DavisLFMILBenched
M. OzunaLF/CFMIABenched
A. JonesCFBALStarting OF
H. PenceRFSFBenched
K. CalhounRFLAABenched
J. ShieldsSPSDStarting SP
A. CobbSPTBStarting SP
M. BumgarnerSPSFStarting P
M. WachaSPSTLStarting P
C. KluberSPCLEBenched
C. SaleSPCWSBenched
T. RossSPSDBenched
A. WoodPATLBenched
C. McHughSPHOUBenched
J. PeavySPSFBenched
M. CainSPSFBenched
M. MooreSPTBInjured DL
T. RosenthalRPSTLStarting RP
A. MillerRPNYYStarting P
H. RondonRPCHCStarting P
S. DoolittleRPOAKBenched
C. JanssenRPWASBenched

Diamond Outlaws

B. PoseyC/1BSFStarting C
D. NorrisC/DHSDBenched
A. Lind1B/DHMILStarting 1B
R. Howard1BPHIBenched
A. Rendon2B/3BWASStarting 2B
J. Harrison2B/3B..PITStarting 3B
A. Amarista2B/SS..SDBenched
J. SeguraSSMILStarting SS
D. SantanaSS/CFMINBenched
B. GardnerLF/CFNYYStarting OF
C. GrandersonOFNYMStarting OF
C. CrawfordLFLADStarting OF
C. QuentinLFSDBenched
D. SpanCFWASBenched
J. WerthRFWASStarting UTIL
N. MarkakisRFATLBenched
N. AokiRFSFBenched
D. OrtizDHBOSStarting UTIL
A. WainwrightSPSTLStarting SP
S. GraySPOAKStarting SP
L. LynnSPSTLStarting P
T. RoarkSPWASStarting P
S. KazmirSPOAKStarting P
D. HarenSPMIABenched
M. BuehrleSPTORBenched
R. VogelsongSPSFBenched
J. VargasSPKCBenched
M. GarzaSPMILBenched
K. KendrickSPCOLBenched
S. FeldmanSPHOUBenched
D. GeeSPNYMBenched
J. PaxtonSPSEABenched
J. GarciaSPSTLBenched
J. McGeeRPTBStarting RP
S. CishekRPMIAStarting P

RCs Reds

Y. MolinaCSTLStarting C
R. MartinCTORBenched
E. Encarnacion1B/DHTORStarting 1B
M. Napoli1BBOSStarting UTIL
R. Cano2BSEAStarting 2B
H. Kendrick2BLADBenched
D. Uggla2BWASBenched
T. TulowitzkiSSCOLStarting SS
E. AybarSSLAAStarting UTIL
A. Ramirez3BMILStarting 3B
R. Zimmerman3B/LFWASStarting OF
A. Rodriguez3B/DHNYYBenched
E. YoungLFATLBenched
B. RevereCFPHIStarting OF
D. JenningsCFTBBenched
L. MartinCFTEXBenched
A. JacksonCFSEABenched
J. BruceRFCINStarting OF
M. ByrdRFCINBenched
J. CuetoSPCINStarting SP
A. SimonSPDETStarting SP
D. KeuchelSPHOUStarting P
E. VolquezSPKCStarting P
M. LatosSPMIAStarting P
H. BaileySPCINBenched
M. MinorSPATLBenched
H. StreetRPLAAStarting RP
T. ClippardRPOAKStarting P
L. GregersonRPHOUBenched
J. AxfordRPCOLBenched


M. MonteroCCHCStarting C
B. SwihartCBOSBenched
M. Cuddyer1B/RFNYMStarting 1B
J. Mauer1B/DHMINBenched
D. Pedroia2BBOSStarting 2B
B. Lawrie2B/3BOAKStarting 3B
M. Betts2B/CF..BOSStarting OF
I. DesmondSSWASStarting SS
A. RussellSSCHCBenched
C. SeagerSSLADBenched
F. LindorSSCLEBenched
C. McGehee3BSFBenched
C. Headley3BNYYBenched
N. Castellanos3BDETBenched
M. KempOFSDStarting OF
J. EllsburyCFNYYStarting OF
D. FowlerCFCHCStarting UTIL
S. SouzaCFTBBenched
T. HunterRFMINStarting UTIL
A. JudgeRFNYYBenched
J. LesterSPCHCStarting SP
A. HeaneySPLAAStarting SP
C. HamelsSPPHIStarting P
T. HudsonSPSFStarting P
D. PomeranzPOAKStarting P
S. GreeneSPDETStarting P
D. HutchisonSPTORBenched
J. OdorizziSPTBBenched
T. BauerSPCLEBenched
R. De La RosaSPARIBenched
L. GilolitoSPWASBenched
J. PapelbonRPPHIStarting RP
M. MelanconRPPITBenched
B. BoxbergerRPTBBenched
J. BenoitRPSDBenched