The current draft pick is 16.11 (174th overall). is now drafting! The previous picks were
18 Mins Drafted Danny Farquhar RP SEA 16.10 (173rd overall)
30 Mins Drafted Steve Pearce 1B/LF BAL 16.9 (172nd overall)
2 Hrs Drafted Collin McHugh SP HOU 16.8 (171st overall)
3 Hrs Drafted David Peralta OF ARI 16.7 (170th overall)
3 Hrs Drafted Carl Crawford LF LAD 16.6 (169th overall)
4 Hrs Drafted Dalton Pompey RF TOR 16.5 (168th overall)
19 Hrs Drafted Francisco Liriano SP PIT 16.4 (167th overall)
20 Hrs Drafted Pedro Strop RP CHC 16.3 (166th overall)
20 Hrs Drafted Alex Rodriguez 3B/DH NYY 16.2 (165th overall)
20 Hrs Drafted Rajai Davis LF/CF DET 16.1 (164th overall)
20 Hrs Drafted Eric Hosmer 1B KC 15.9 (163rd overall)
23 Hrs Drafted Jose Fernandez SP MIA 15.8 (162nd overall)
23 Hrs Drafted Darren O'Day RP BAL 15.7 (161st overall)
23 Hrs Drafted Desmond Jennings CF TB 15.6 (160th overall)
24 Hrs Drafted Sean Doolittle RP OAK 15.5 (159th overall)
1 Day Drafted Lonnie Chisenhall 1B/3B.. CLE 15.4 (158th overall)