Red Sox300410002 10141
Blue Jays122000150 1180
Final J. Ellsbury 15, J. Bautista 14, S. Camp 10
Top 1 Kevin Youkilis 1-Run Hit By Pitch, Adrian Gonzalez to 2nd, Dustin Pedroia to 3rd, Jacoby Ellsbury scores, pitcher Brandon Morrow1-0
Top 1 Marco Scutaro 2-Run Single, Adrian Gonzalez scores, Dustin Pedroia scores, pitcher Brandon Morrow3-0
Bot 1 Edwin Encarnacion 1-Run Out, Eric Thames scores, pitcher Tim Wakefield3-1
Bot 2 J. P. Arencibia 2-Run Home Run, Brett Lawrie scores, pitcher Tim Wakefield3-3
Bot 3 Jose Bautista 1-Run Double, Eric Thames scores, pitcher Tim Wakefield3-4
Bot 3 Brett Lawrie Stolen Base3-5
Top 4 Josh Reddick 1-Run Double, Marco Scutaro to 3rd, Carl Crawford scores, pitcher Brandon Morrow4-5
Top 4 Jacoby Ellsbury 3-Run Home Run, Josh Reddick scores, Marco Scutaro scores, pitcher Brandon Morrow7-5
Top 5 David Ortiz 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Brandon Morrow8-5
Bot 7 Edwin Encarnacion 1-Run Single, Yunel Escobar scores, pitcher Dan Wheeler8-6
Bot 8 Eric Thames 1-Run Walk, J. P. Arencibia to 2nd, Adam Loewen to 3rd, Brett Lawrie scores, pitcher Daniel Bard8-7
Bot 8 Jose Bautista 1-Run Walk, Eric Thames to 2nd, Chris Woodward to 3rd, Adam Loewen scores, pitcher Daniel Bard8-8
Bot 8 Edwin Encarnacion 3-Run Double, Jose Bautista scores, Eric Thames scores, Chris Woodward scores, pitcher Matt Albers8-11
Top 9 Adrian Gonzalez 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Frank Francisco9-11
Top 9 Marco Scutaro 1-Run Single, David Ortiz scores, pitcher Frank Francisco10-11

 Red Sox Hitting

PlayerStats Wed 9/7Fantasy
Jacoby Ellsbury CF4-512300015
Adrian Gonzalez 1B2-412100110
David Ortiz DH2-412101110
Marco Scutaro SS2-40130117
Carl Crawford LF1-40100123
Josh Reddick RF1-40110023
Dustin Pedroia 2B1-50100012
Kevin Youkilis 3B1-40010002
Mike Aviles 2B/SS..0-00000000
Jarrod Saltalamacchia C0-4000001-1

 Red Sox Pitching

Tim Wakefield SP530007.201.204
Daniel Bard RP (L)1200045.004.00-12
Matt Albers RP0.110000.003.001
Franklin Morales P0.110010.003.001
Dan Wheeler RP1.110016.751.501

 Blue Jays Hitting

J. P. Arencibia C1-31120118
Jose Bautista DH1-202222014
Brett Lawrie 3B2-20201109
Edwin Encarnacion 1B2-40050008
Eric Thames LF0-30310108
Yunel Escobar SS1-40100114
Adam Loewen RF1-30100012
Chris Woodward 2B0-00100002
Jose Molina C0-00000000
Mike McCoy CF0-20000000
DeWayne Wise CF0-2000001-1
Kelly Johnson 2B0-5000004-4

 Blue Jays Pitching

Brandon Morrow SP4.1500016.622.08-7
Carlos Villanueva P1.220000.001.205
Frank Francisco RP (S)1101018.003.002
Jesse Litsch SP110000.002.002
Shawn Camp RP (W)101000.001.0010