Zounder 3 years ago

Unfortunate to see in the other thread that those red dots aren't going away. People in my league have complained as well.

The most common issue is that the dots look similar to the red "injured" dot (albeit in a different place) and that they jump out at you due to the bright color. So if the dots -aren't- going away, is there any chance the color can get dimmed/faded/changed to something not as in-your-face/similar to the injured symbol? I understand it's that way for a reason (so people notice your paid content) but figured I'd suggest anyway.

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

Like we alluded to in the other e-mail, it will certainly be talked about during our next internal meeting because it looks somewhat similar to the red dot. We will surely see what we can do. We do have to take into account those that suffer from color blindness or of the sort. Making it another color will have to take in some thought. Thank you for your feedback.

GoRdoN_410 2 years ago

Hey, I was wondering if the red dot could disappear for those who bought the pro. Also, it's for lifetime correct? I won't have to pay yearly will I?

GoRdoN_410 2 years ago

Edit: Posted twice by mistake.

rangerdave 2 years ago

Subscriptions are only good for that sport's season.

FleaMod Admin 2 years ago

It is only good for that sport's season as included in the terms when you signed up and as @rangerdave alluded to (you have it until NFL 2014 starts which is a few days after the NFL Super Bowl in February) - let us know if there's anything else we can do to help. In terms of the red marker, we are toying with changes but believe we will be leaving it for now.