DallasFootball 2 years ago

I love playing on fleaflicker but there are still a few things missing. at the top of the list are punters, and stats/scoring for INT/FR return yards. when are we going to see these?

DallasFootball 1 year ago

how come you never respond to this? remember punters are people too.

rangerdave 1 year ago

While I would also like to see punters get added as a lineup option, they are by no means at the top of the list for improvements. Flea generally only responds to posts in this forum if the suggestion is either at the top of their list or if it won't be added at all. From what I understand, punters are on their list of possible improvements, but increased defensive positions are a greater priority in this area.

DallasFootball 1 year ago

I disagree, at least all defensive players are included, just not broken down by position, punters are no where on the board

rangerdave 1 year ago

If you polled Flea owners regarding needed changes, punters would not even be in their top 20 for consideration. If punters were added before other necessary changes, there would be a huge outcry.

FleaMod Admin 1 year ago

Hi Dan - Punters and Head Coaches are on our agenda, it's a good suggestion as they do have a place in the game; however, there are other enhancements we will likely get to first.

We love to hear your suggestions here and thanks.

seafish 1 year ago

yea like messing up drafting system no matter what I try it does not work