barryb1 4 years ago

in the name of all that is holy, please make this an option already. you already have roto available, and it seems to me that this would be much, much easier to implement than that is. roto is good for baseball but isn't a good option for football because so many of the stat categories are specific to quarterbacks, which is only one player in a starting lineup of 8-10 players.

an option to have play each team each week, (what i mean by that, in case anyone reading this hasn't already read one of my 500 posts in the past 4 years asking for this feature, is that in a 12 team league, the top score for the week goes 11-0, the 2nd highest goes 10-1, then 9-2, etc) is a way more football-friendly option than roto. it's actually the best way to run a league, period. pretty please.

moondawgs 3 years ago

Any chance we get the All Play option for next season ?

The ideal setup would be All Play for the regular season and a 3 week Super Bowl tournament between the top six teams in a 12 team league.

moondawgs 3 years ago


RobertKelly 3 years ago

It would be interesting to have this option. I don't know that my league would go for it but I'd certainly hold a vote on the matter if this were an option.


OOFFL Commissioner

moondawgs 4 years ago

This needs to be an option. Allplay is becoming a very popular way to play FF.

barryb1 3 years ago

are there any free sites that offer this?

UNLVmark 4 years ago

Never heard of that. Does any other site do that? Seems a lot less personal, but to each his own. I enjoy the rivalries my leagues have and look forward head to head matches.

barryb1 4 years ago