Xtrain 3 years ago

Is the ability to create multiple conferences with unique player pools a possibility for the 2014 NFL Season?

I'm in one league on fleaflicker which is a regular 12 team league, but a second league has 24 teams split between 2 conferences.

I'd love to move that league over...


FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

Thanks for playing with us, Scott. It likely won't be ready for the 2014 NFL season though, but there is always a possibility. It's on our agenda, but we have no timetable for the implementation. It's a difficult one to implement, but we look forward to supporting it eventually and will keep the site updated.

Xtrain 2 years ago

Before I commit and buy my league with a competitor, I figured I'd check back in... Still not happening for 2014?


FleaMod Admin 2 years ago

This is something that likely will not be addressed before 2014 kickoff with all the other site enhancements we are currently making.

While it is high on our agenda, there are a bunch of other really cool enhancements we have and are rolling out that you can check out here - fleaflicker.com.

Anything new will be posted there as well. Sorry we don't have it ready yet, Scott.