Syxton 3 years ago

I as a commish cannot cancel a trade I am involved in, but I can execute it. Why is that?

FFCSR_Hal Admin 3 years ago

It's a function of the system.

Syxton 3 years ago

That has to be the worst explanation ever. Thanks

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

When a commissioner is involved in a trade and the other party accepts it, there is no way to execute it with a veto period for your league in case it is unfair -- it's there purposely to prevent commissioner abuse.

Syxton 3 years ago

First off, our league is using the veto system. Maybe I'm not understanding you or vice versa. I AM able to execute a trade in which I'm involved in. I AM NOT able to cancel a trade that I'm involved in. Wouldn't it be just as liable for abuse if not more to be able to execute a trade I'm involved in?

FFCSR_Hal Admin 3 years ago

No, because if you proposed the trade and the other party accepts it without you willingly wanting it at that time (e.g., you forgot to cancel it and your player got hurt), you can't cancel it then.

Syxton 3 years ago

I just think that as a commish there is a level of trust expected. It is a bad policy to limit what a commish can do. Heck, I can outright change the score, but I can't cancel a trade I'm involved in? Makes very little sense.

seafish 3 years ago

the honest commishes rule thier leagues fair but they are alot of commishes that only look out for themselves no matter what. i have run into them both thats why i commish as many as possible.

if the owner you traded with is honest you can retrade the players or just e-mail or leave a message on your board and ask the other owner to veto your trade.

Hoosier7405 2 years ago

I had the exact same issue in my league. EVERY league I have been in automatically cancels the trade proposals if no action is taken within a set amount of time(usually a week, if not less) It is CRAZY to think a trade I propose in week 1 would still be available for approval in week 10 unless I go in and actually remove the offer. I will say this is my first, and likely my last, season with fleaflicker. This site seems to offer nothing special compared to the ESPN's and Yahoo's out there(it even has more restrictions). If you want to be a standout host site and actually attract leagues to move here, you must offer more. For you commish's that actually want real control, I recommend Hands down the best, and if you can get the other owners to agree to split the fee(10 teams would be $7/team) it is worth it:)

FFCSR_Hal Admin 2 years ago

We'll review this option in the offseason for sure