khumbert45 2 years ago

Our league wants to go auction draft this year which is not currently an option here at FF. I know it's been posted often that you guys are working on it. Is it going to be done for this season or should I start looking for other sites for my league this year?

FleaMod Admin 2 years ago

We hope to have it ready for this season, but can't make any promises on a date or timetable. It's very high on our agenda - but we can't give a firm answer right now as it's not ready for deployment to this date.

It's still on our agenda like it was last year, but it's not likely we'll have it incorporated for 2014 with all the other enhancements we are pushing out in a higher tier. We understand it is important and it's something we'd love to have sooner than later, but can't provide a timetable.

Thank you for your continued interest on the auction draft feature; we'll keep you updated here and on the Site Announcement forum page here when we deploy new features:

Slush 2 years ago

Come on Ori. We have waited for this for a while. You say in one paragraph you hope to get it done and in the next you say its unlikely. Git r done.

Slush 2 years ago

So where are you guys at with this?

khumbert45 1 year ago

Is this anywhere close to done? If we can't get auction draft then it looks like I will be moving my league to espn...

FleaMod Admin 1 year ago

We still don't have a timetable.

It's coming, but know it's missing. As it's late in the preseason, and you need auction drafts soon, we'd have to say that it's not supported and you should try the auction draft elsewhere for NFL 2014:

We're sorry we could not get it implemented for you guys. Keep checking back as we hope to have it implemented sooner than later.

ryanswank31 1 year ago

This has been promised for year. Wont happen