JayAllDay 6 years ago


Slick20 3 weeks ago

Need an app. Mobile optimized site doesn't cut it. I lose owners over you not having an app. Everything has an app now a days. Why doesn't fleaflicker? This is just silly.

bylebunny 2 months ago

I would pay a little to have an app

juggadore 6 months ago

Why don't we, like, make one? Anybody know how to make an app?

lolrence 4 months ago

I would if I could haha. Hate loading up the browser for this and not having notifications

Giovo 7 months ago

And iOS

JohnUtech 12 months ago

I will never be able to convince my league to migrate over to Fleaflicker without an Android app. You are losing out, I guarantee it.

cjmiller85 2 years ago


FLPatsFan 2 years ago

agreed . this is ridiculous already .. get with the times!!!!

zach_stoner7 2 years ago

It's not that I dot like the site, but when I go online to access fantasy football the internet is much slower than any app I've ever had. I understand that nobody is planning an app, but not only will it make everything more convenient but will bring in many new people to use this fantasy server. The app DOES NOT need to be something that you do a lot on. Just something to check transactions, manage your team, and check up on your score. I feel it would be very smart for fleaflicker to rethink the idea of not having an app

luke1982 2 years ago

It's been a while since I've been here and this was requested years ago! it would be nice to be able to access the site from my phone....