FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

We're excited to announce user interface enhancements for all devices. We’ve made changes to fonts, backgrounds, colors, icons, and many other items. These changes are designed to modernize our look while keeping all pages simple and fast.

Here’s what’s included:

1) Themes

You can now change the theme by selecting a “Dark” or “Light” background. To change your theme to dark, find the gear icon on the top right of your window and select “Dark Theme.” You can also select this through the Account Settings page from the same menu. The site will remember the preference for your account.

2) "Cut" Icon in Mobile Mode

You'll now have the ability to cut players from your roster page. There is a minus icon to the right of the player. In the “light” theme it will be blue and in the “dark” theme it will be red. Just select that icon and then confirm that you want to cut the player on the next page.

3) Player News Pages

Our player news pages have been redesigned for better mobile and tablet access.

4) Hide Competitive Edge Icon

If you purchased Competitive Edge, you now have the ability to hide the icon so other users do not see it next to your name. Just head to the gear icon on the top right of the window, go to Account Settings, and then scroll down to Subscriptions and check the box that says “Hide my Fleaflicker Competitive Edge subscriptions” and then click OK.

This is just a small update and we’re hard at work on new features. Please keep the suggestions coming! We look forward to providing you the best possible fantasy sports experience.

If you have any suggestions, comments, or find any issues, we encourage you to let us know here or through e-mail.

afdnasty 2 years ago

Like the changes, Flea guys, this site has really improved in it's independent state. I'm looking forward to more themes in the days to come, along with the administrative stickies some have pointed out.

deen 2 years ago

In the dark theme is there anyway not to highlight our teams in yellow?

FleaMod Admin 2 years ago

There's not as of now, it's a function of that color scheme that we can't change.

mevic1 3 years ago

New interface is great, it pretty much fixes all my issues with the redesign. Loving the "Dark" theme, great color mix for night viewing.

Only thing I don't see here that I really want is "sticky" posts for admins for the message boards, that way important posts (like draft-day planning or rule changes) don't get buried by nonsensical and irrelevant postings by regular league members.

Chiefdustin 2 years ago

Administrative commissioner stickies are a must!

mevic1 2 years ago

I'm glad somebody agrees, I've heard this idea floated around for a while but nothing's ever come of it obviously. And it's the one thing I've wanted the absolute most here.

Chiefdustin 2 years ago

League rules and important info that the Fleaflicker "rules" section just doesn't cover.

mevic1 2 years ago

If there was an "extra rules" box for stuff like Team QB/K, obscene language & other such additional rules that Fleaflicker doesn't support (some not yet, some not ever) on the rules page it'd at least be serviceable though. I can't believe no such provision has been made yet.

Another idea I had was custom banner messages like the "activate this league for 20xx-20xz season" that you could display for the entire league when they log in for a set amount of time (like, say, a week) for the bozos that never check the board or their emails.

[Deleted User] 3 years ago

I don't get player news until 12 hours later. Why is that?

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

We had a slight bug that day that affected news for a few hours, but it's working fine now. Sorry about that.

[Deleted User] 3 years ago

ok thanks

DaveH 3 years ago

Dark theme is nice. Good work guys.

My suggestion: trailing zeros on box score pages (like you fixed on player pages).

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

Thanks, Dave. We appreciate your input as always. We'll take it into consideration.

soulfly 3 years ago

When I used to click on a player's name, it not only took me to a page that showed stats but also age, team, year drafted, etc. I am not seeing that now. Am I just overlooking something?

soulfly 3 years ago

Dark theme is great. And info I was looking for is back. Good job, guys.

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

Thanks, we placed this info back on the left or right rail/side when you are on a mobile device and you toggle into desktop mode; it was on oversight on our part and we apologize.

We're glad you're enjoying the new look.

Sidney1965 3 years ago

Thanks, looks great. The only problem I see with the dark theme is under recent activities. The green fonts don't show up against that sky blue background. :)

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

Appreciate the suggestion. It's a valid point. It is a little hard on the eyes there. We will see what we can do in the coming future; however, it may be part of the color scheme. Thanks for the kind words. We'll work on seeing if this can be rectified.

Sounds 3 years ago

Can you add a button to add players from the bench onto a position where a plaer is off on a given day or start a pitcher who is pitching that day.

Sounds 3 years ago

Where are the roster sizes that were on the left side of team page or the number of add on a given week?

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

In regards to your first suggestion, it's not something we automatically can do without you logging in and manually tweaking your roster - though in the future we hope to support something like this.

In regards to your second question, they are still there on the left rail and side under Roster. Let us know if you're still having trouble seeing them and thanks for the feedback. Let us know if you can't see it and what device/browser/version you are using so we can have a look.

Thanks for your feedback.

Sounds 3 years ago

Yahoo has that feature once you have logged in you can hit a buttonand fill roster spots from your bench

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

We know and are aware of that feature and would love to incorporate something like that in the future (but better, where you can even do some of those things automatically without signing in, etc).

It's something on our longer-term agenda and to-do list, but not ready quite yet.