FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

We just rolled out and are now supporting Total Roto Leagues and Total Points Leagues for MLB. All sports will be supported soon and we are actively working on and developing transaction counters, game limits, Roto H2H Leagues and Roto H2H Most Leagues. We'll keep you all updated. For now, enjoy the new Total Roto and new Total Points leagues we just deployed.

Let us know if there's anything we can do to help you or help set your league up.

[Deleted User] 11 months ago

What about the long awaited Roto H2H for baseball?

[Deleted User] 10 months ago


[Deleted User] 2 years ago

Any update on Roto H2H? :))

[Deleted User] 2 years ago

Any update on if and when transaction counters, game limits, Roto H2H Leagues and Roto H2H Most Leagues will be available? In time for the 2015 season?

[Deleted User] 10 months ago


skepsis 2 years ago

So, how is the adding of the Roto H2H leagues going?

Is it possible they will be available before the NBA season starts?

[Deleted User] 2 years ago

Any update on when Roto H2H will be available?

FleaMod Admin 2 years ago

There's no current timetable right now as it's less valuable to NFL leagues and we're focusing our attention to NFL improvements until kickoff. Though there is still a possibility it can be incorporated before, it likely will be picked up around the fall though in hopes for NBA/NHL - but no promises on when a deployment will occur and if it can be done that soon for hoops and hockey.

It's still very important to us and we appreciate you checking in.

Jmax24 3 years ago

so....? when is H2H available?

deen 3 years ago

Really, still no H2H Cat leagues? I stopped playing baseball and hoops on flea last year because of this, I came back now just to see if H2H is finally available..Fleas main advertisement is its the most customizable site on the planet, well that's not true when you cant even get H2H Category leagues going...Guess i'll have to come back next year or 2016 to check.

[Deleted User] 3 years ago

Any new news on if and when Roto H2H Leagues will be available?

sportstrucker 3 years ago

me too started a roto league last year hoping to convert to roto h2h each this year

[Deleted User] 3 years ago

This is a seriously needed option. Every other fantasy site has the option. To keep up and be better than the other guy, you gotta offer what they offer plus something extra and better. Things are being worked on and added little by little but it seems sometimes that the things that mean the most to the players aren't what's worked on first. It's been like 2 years since word came that it was coming. And still we're waiting.

[Deleted User] 4 years ago

Dying for the Roto H2H option...