fleafounder Admin 10 years ago

There are 2 new scoring categories today:<ul>  

<li>Combined rushing/receiving yardage</li>  

<li>Interceptions returned for a TD</li>  

</ul>Both were heavily requested (the second as a result of ESPN's Sports Guy's <a href="http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=simmons/060721">recent column</a> mentioning the "Bledsoe Rule").  


Here are the "leaders" in INTs returned for TDs in the past few seasons. Interestingly, Bledsoe doesn't appear on the list, although Collins makes 2 appearances.<ol>  

<li>Brad Johnson 2003 (5)</li>  

<li>Kerry Collins 2005 (4)</li>  

<li>Joey Harrington 2003 (4)</li>  

<li>Rich Gannon 2002 (4)</li>  

<li>Jake Delhomme 2005 (3)</li>  

<li>Brett Favre 2005 (3)</li>  

<li>Carson Palmer 2004 (3)</li>  

<li>Kurt Warner 2002 (3)</li>  

<li>Ben Roethlisberger 2004 (3)</li>  

<li>Kerry Collins 2004 (3)</li>  

</ol>(There were a few more players tied with 3.)

fleafounder Admin 10 years ago

Yes, passes defened are also included in this update. They should be the last category listed under defensive rules.

Brandon 10 years ago

I assume pass deflections will be soon to follow, no?

ffsuperstar 10 years ago

That's a really useful category. Thanks!