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New superflex league with vacancies - 2018 or bust3 Comments

Posted by spida1998 8 hours ago Updated 1 hour ago

The Most Unique League on Flea2 Comments

Posted by Chris_Commish 6 days ago Updated 9 hours ago

Calling All International Owners on Fleaflicker!!6 Comments

Posted by TheBov 4 days ago Updated 14 hours ago

Looking for a tri sport league

Posted by chaleymac 15 hours ago

looking to join league2 Comments

Posted by carterjoe 3 months ago Updated 15 hours ago

owner seeking to take over team1 Comment

Posted by RazzHuck 4 months ago Updated 16 hours ago

Looking for some rebuild projects!1 Comment

Posted by BigNasty1965 4 months ago Updated 16 hours ago

looking for a dynasty team to take over1 Comment

Posted by ajfmrf 1 month ago Updated 16 hours ago

IDP Startup

Posted by BrotherMatt 18 hours ago

Looking to join a league 3 Comments

Posted by Hazza4200 2 days ago Updated 1 day ago

No Flea Rookies Allowed9 Comments

Posted by Chris_Commish 2 weeks ago Updated 1 day ago

New Dynasty1 Comment

Posted by [Deleted User] 2 days ago Updated 2 days ago

New dynasty startup7 Comments

Posted by gobrowns531 2 weeks ago Updated 3 days ago

20 team PPR 15 keeper very active league 2 Comments

Posted by LordBill 5 days ago Updated 4 days ago

12 team dynasty league. 25 roster spots. 37 Comments

Posted by Rbuck 2 months ago Updated 4 days ago

DYNASTY IDP13 Comments

Posted by DallasFootball 3 months ago Updated 5 days ago

4 man Keeper, 1 spot

Posted by sleepyjim 5 days ago

Running Back Slanted Scoring League1 Comment

Posted by Chris_Commish 2 weeks ago Updated 6 days ago

New 10 Team League6 Comments

Posted by SonnyJim 3 weeks ago Updated 7 days ago

6 man Keeper, One Opening

Posted by sleepyjim 1 week ago