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NFL - Suggestion - Defensive Scoring Add2 Comments

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Extra Point (defensive score)2 Comments

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4th down stops2 Comments

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New PAT/2 point attempt.2 Comments

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DL rules1 Comment

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Best ball1 Comment

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testing scoring1 Comment

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Individual points on returns1 Comment

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Player not in linup1 Comment

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Claim straight to IR3 Comments

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auto drafting best available player3 Comments

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Reverting rosters2 Comments

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transfer a league?1 Comment

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Update's2 Comments

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verification code1 Comment

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doing baseball leagues4 Comments

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Apply Custom Scoring to 2014 stats2 Comments

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Keep track of potential points for rookie draft purposes3 Comments

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Player projected points for 2015-16 season1 Comment

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Possible Improvement2 Comments

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