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Roto Football League- # of teams2 Comments

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Set Keepers?

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Keeper deadline2 Comments

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Default Rankings2 Comments

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Points For (Most Points)

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League Import and TE as WR

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Keepers vs. Rookie only draft

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PPR Scoring Question1 Comment

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Playoff Options1 Comment

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Mock draft not working on I Pad, worked fine last year.

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Live Online Draft1 Comment

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Do not show ooponents line up until game time.

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Please allow us to change the number of votes required to veto a trade2 Comments

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Switching to free agents from waivers after draft. 1 Comment

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Trading Picks & TE as WR option

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Need to add one more team2 Comments

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help please1 Comment

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Inactive commish...league 1649563 Comments

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PPR Player Rankings1 Comment

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league-specific mock draft2 Comments

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