LloydHaveMercy 3 years ago

I would love to start our offseason as soon as possible... we are transitioning from our Yahoo league to here (we are doing a dynasty component) and I have the rosters moved over and when all of my owners sign in Id like to be able to keep the free agency and waivers going... I see that it says the next season starts in 76 days so does that mean we cant do anything prior to the start of next season or does that just mean that is the earliest we can do next years draft?

If we have to wait for 76 days is there anyway that I can set the other owners keepers as the commish if they dont assign them by the end of THIS season? If keepers aren't set will those players go back into the player pool at the end of THIS season?

I know there is a lot of questions in this post but Im just being as specific as I can be... any help with any of these matters would be greatly appreciated.

Chiefdustin 3 years ago

So annoying.

LloydHaveMercy 3 years ago

Yeah why do we have to wait?

Chiefdustin 2 years ago

Been bugging them the years about this.

LloydHaveMercy 2 years ago

yeah oh well... I keep another offseason site but its still annoying

RJ2000 2 years ago

Agreed. Cannot edit rosters requirements or the playing roster? Silliness.

FFCSR_Hal Admin 3 years ago

Once a league is created on Fleaflicker, you have all-year access. There are limitations to moving the league over so late, including this, unfortunately. You would have to wait the 75 days to get the full ball rolling there.

LloydHaveMercy 3 years ago

Dang... May i ask why? Any reason we cant do one more rd of waivers for this wk?

FFCSR_Hal Admin 3 years ago

Like the NFL, it shuts down after the "Super Bowl" for a tad bit of time where you can't pick up Free Agents.

LloydHaveMercy 3 years ago

Thats ok i think i found a way to still keep the rosters... Am i able to still add and drop players manually as the commish on the edit rosters page? That wld be awesome then i could run my own email waivers with my league and post the results until this starts again in 2 mths

LloydHaveMercy 3 years ago

Awesome! I think that this will work as i just tested the edit roster function and it still works... Do these rosters reset and if so what day or date do they reset?

coledallas 3 years ago


FFCSR_Hal Admin 3 years ago

Yes, you can still edit the rosters through Commish Options