T-Factor 3 years ago

We want to have a Week 17 contest for most points scored but due to our Playoffs having ended last week I cannot get this week's scores to show on the Scoreboard tab. Help!!

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

It won't show up, the scoreboard ends during your last week of fantasy play. You can set your lineups and manually add each team's score up by Monday night if you wish as a workaround.

BoydClarson 3 years ago

This sucks! Fleaflicker needs to change this so people can use week 17.

T-Factor 3 years ago

I have to say I agree except for the fact that this is a FREE service so I am content with the workaround for now.

clublime 3 years ago

I tried to set line ups like you said but cannot? All our teams are showing blank rosters so cannot do anything with the lineups. I also went to "edit rosters" to add everyones players but they are already in there. There has to be an error in the system. How can we get scores for week 17? Even the playoff bracket is incomplete, stuck in week 16 glitch, please help Admin!!

MCA 3 years ago

Our league had week 17 play, but the scores and rosters are now erased. How do we get the results?

T-Factor 3 years ago

I would suggest you start a new thread as I don't know if these replies are viewed the same by the Admin person.

FFCSR_Hal Admin 3 years ago

Unfortunately, like we noted in previously threads, you had to add up the scores on the roster page prior to Week 17 finalization. Sorry if this caused you any inconvenience. You can still head to the Players page and see what they would have scores. Our support staff can help via email