Mark_S 10 years ago


Not to add more confusion/questioning to the system, but since I have the defensive scoring as such, I dont think my league totals are correct:


1 point for every Solo Tackle

2 points for every Interception

2 points for every Sack

2 points for every Fumble Forced

1 point for every Fumble Recovered

2 points for every Safety

6 points for every Defensive TD

10 extra points when total Points is exactly 0

Specifically the " 1 point for every Solo Tackle". Does that go for IDP or the TM?

League 153 (TM no IDP)



fleafounder Admin 10 years ago


The commissioner had the ability (preseason) to specify the positions to which each rule is applied.

I'm not sure about your case specifically (we'll make a change so that the positions get displayed as well).