Justin_MN 3 years ago

Fleaflicker needs to fix their stat correction schedule...

Semi-final game was tied (with my team winning on tie-breakers) until Thursday afternoon when they corrected the bengals for one more forced fumble causing me to lose. (This was an entire week after the original game). Then they apparently later corrected Colin Kaepernick's passing stats crediting him with an additional 5 yards which would have caused him to gain a point if the scores and results hadn't already been locked (which would have caused the game to be tied again, giving me the win). As a result, I finished in 3rd place instead of winning the Championship.

What gives? Why we get stat corrections in a timely manner?

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

1) The NFL and Elias meet Wednesday and review statistics to make official changes on Thursday. We release them as soon as possible, while making sure they are accurate too. The league takes until the middle of the week to do so; they are the reference point here, so we have to wait on them (we won't make changes past Friday from Weeks 1-12 and Thursday starting on 13. Please see our thread regarding this under Site Announcements.

2) In your respective league, I don't see stat changes made so late:


Justin_MN 2 years ago

Look at the semi-final game fleaflicker.com. There are 2 stat changes, the first (Bengals D) is reflected in the match up and was changed Thursday afternoon. The second (Kaepernick is not reflected in the match up, but if you click on the breakdown of his points it shows 27 instead of 26. I don't know when the second stat change occurred, but it was after Thursday and would have changed the outcome.

Justin_MN 2 years ago

Box Score: (fleaflicker.com)

Kaepernick Breakdown: (fleaflicker.com)

FleaMod Admin 2 years ago

I see. This was 2 weeks ago. The NFL changed the statistics to the Bengals in a timely manner, but Kaepernick too late, and it occurred after the deadline of 2PM on Thursday when we make stay corrections to games from Week 13 on (we do this on Fridays for this reason from Weeks 1-12), where we won't make any more changes to boxes. We'll still show them, but it won't reflect in your weekly matchup. This is on the NFL for changing stats so late in the week. You can contact your commish and see what they'd like to do, but we won't be making any changes on our end here, sorry. The NFL sometimes changes stats way past games (weeks later), but we'll only make changes if it comes in before our deadline.

Anything else you can take up with your commish and maybe put this to a league vote.