Glen442 3 years ago

I am running a hockey league with 40 keepers. I want to have a 5 rounds of draft picks. I noticed that we have 40 rounds of draft picks. How do I reduce 40 to 5?

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

You'd have to make sure 35 players are pinned as keepers.

The_Rabbi 2 years ago

So, this year when I started my league I set 30 rounds to build an initial team. Does this mean next year I cannot reduce my draft to 15 rounds? And can I draft 30 players if I have 15 keepers already or will it force me to drop a player to pick up a new one? Having and illegal roster is ok in my league just as long as it is corrected before week one starts.

FleaMod Admin 2 years ago

You can reduce it, but make sure 15 players are pinned as keepers. If you do this, you can't draft 30+15 because without an IR our max is 40 (though we may change that down the line).

DoctorFootball 2 years ago

What happens to draft picks if you keep to many players and thus the draft will max out the roster. Do you loose the later rounds first?

FFCSR_Hal Admin 2 years ago

Yes, you'll lose your later-round picks and the last ones in order from the end up.