Clarky 2 years ago

How much power does the commish have during the playoffs? Our 10 team league would like to have 4 teams make the playoffs. We would like to have a combined score of weeks 14 & 15 count for the first round of the playoffs and a combined score for 16 & 17 count for the championship game. Basically teams play each other two consecutive weeks and the highest combined score wins.

FleaMod Admin 2 years ago

You won't be able to do that, as it's not supported, sorry.

You can read about commish power (you have a great deal) and the playoffs here:

Clarky 2 years ago

I read through all that before posting the question. Thanks for the reply. We were just trying to make the playoff schedule a bit more interesting instead of the one and done concept. Maybe a future change?

Goofy_Mang 2 years ago

So no 2 week playoff games? This is something my new start-up league is looking for and has us strongly considering a different site if this is not an option. Any ideas of a work around? We are looking to do exactly what Clarky says, and I'm sure we're not alone. Let us know if you have any thoughts how that could work on fleaflicker.

FFCSR_Hal Admin 2 years ago

Your best bet would be to mirror and create a new league with the same teams/rosters/waiver moves and set that other league as a Week 17 league around Week 12 or so. You can maneuver that league and edit past box scores and ensure that the same teams are in the playoffs this way (or you can create a Total Points league as your other league and it will play through Week 17 and you can just tally up the points for the 2 weeks you need). That is the best workaround for now. It's not directly supported for this year, sorry again.