beefyjerk 2 years ago

Is it possible to have a player status much like the DL in baseball for guys in the minor leagues? It would really help clean up the look of the bench, especially in deep dynasty leagues.

FleaMod Admin 2 years ago

What do you mean by player status, like a separate notification if the player is in the minors? We don't currently support that.

beefyjerk 2 years ago

No I mean like a "position". Much like the DL is handled. If a player is on the dl you can opted to put him on the dl. Players in the minors would eligible for to be set to "minors".

FFCSR_Hal Admin 2 years ago

This would require us to have a separate practice squad/taxi squad (in essence a second DL in baseball or IR in football like you hinted). It's a possible future enhancement we are considering but not imminent right now for MLB 2013.