KevinPatnaude 3 years ago

The league i am commissioner for is in its first season. We have six keepers and we are all wondering when do we have to set our keepers by? I was told by a friend that we keep our entire roster after the season, then our rosters clear except for the six keepers 5 minutes or so before the draft. Is this true, or do our rosters clear after the championship except for our keepers? Basically, when do we lose our non-keeper players and therefore have to have the six we are going to keep set up?

Thanks for the help

FFCSR_Hal Admin 3 years ago

This should help, if you have further questions please contact us:

KevinPatnaude 3 years ago

wow thank you for the quick response... i read the link that you sent me and it helped a lot, but i still have one follow up question. I figured that it would be up to our league when we wanted to clear the non-keepers, but where do i set that option? I looked everywhere on the website and couldn't find that as an option. Do I get it after the season ends or am I just missing it. Thanks again for your help

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

After the season ends it will show on the top right of Commish Options

KevinPatnaude 3 years ago

awesome thanks again for the help