Jim1940 2 years ago

When will Junior Lake become eligible in the outfield as I understand it is 7 games played at a new position, I believe he has played in the outfield 8 games since coming up this year. How did he get eligible at 2b?

FleaMod Admin 2 years ago

It's 7 starts at a new position; he still has yet to accumulate that if you look at the left side of his player card, he has 2 at CF and 6 at LF. Once he has 7, it will give him dual eligibility (OF does not count here):


Jim1940 2 years ago

Your explanation is understandable and I understand completely what you are saying but I have always wondered why in our weekly line up we can use any player no matter which OF position he is eligible for a OF position as far as the lineup for the week goes, but you list all outfield players at certain positions in the FA players look up pull down, maybe you can explain this to me. Also you never explained how you got him eligible at 2b. Just for your info, I play CBS also and they have him eligible at SS/OF.

FFCSR_Hal Admin 2 years ago

Lake now has 2B and CF eligibility. You can use him in the CF and OF slot if your league flexes an OF.