[Deleted User] 4 years ago

Hi, just so I know for future, what time generally do you have the game week all sorted out, points and standings finalized, after the MNF?

I usually wake up Tuesday to see it all done, but do you actually finish it late Monday?thanks

gvespa 4 years ago

pitt defense has 3 sacks tonight

[Deleted User] 4 years ago


FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Around 3AM on Tuesday more or less. 6AM is official. Stats can be changed with NFL corrections during the week.

Visnovsky 4 years ago

So if today or tomorrow Roethlisberger's lateral is changed to a TD pass, league scoring will be changed for week 5?

Sonny_D 4 years ago

The lateral was overturned to a TD pass. So yes, stats and thus league scoring should change today.