JonnyMacFlo 3 years ago

Good afternoon,

My questions is about draft picks. In my league we have 14 draft picks; one in each round. I made a lot of trades and now my last draft pick is in the 7 round. What happens to the other draft picks I had? I wanted to trade my 10th rounder but it was no longer there.

rangerdave 3 years ago

The number of picks you get in your draft are equal to the maximum number of players allowed per roster minus the number of keepers you have set. If you trade for a pick in a round beyond that of your last allowed pick, you will not be able to exercise the pick.

FFCSR_Hal Admin 3 years ago

If you have too many draft picks, the system will cut you off at your last one because there is no 15th player to fill the roster.

JonnyMacFlo 3 years ago

Thank you for your more question. Currently I stop drafting in the 8th round. If I trade away two of my draft picks in the offseason will I be issued two draft picks at the end of mine...for example will I get a 9th and 10th pick?

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

If you previously traded for them, yes