kory217 3 years ago

Currently in a custom league that awards points for put outs and assists as well as penalizes errors. I know I can access an individual player's page to see his daily output, times started at each position and that will also list his D stats, but is their a way to view this under the player pages that would list all players and allow sorting by one of these stats.

I seem to remember that in the pre-draft rankings this was able to be sorted this way or at least to access the D stats. Any help would be appreciated.

FleaMod Admin 2 years ago

Unfortunately the individual player's page would be the way to see that statistic.

kory217 2 years ago

so ouch no way besides methodically going through every single guy to see where their D production has been. as long as def stats are available to use as scored stats you guys should really have it also available to be sorted by too.

thanks for the timely response though

FleaMod Admin 2 years ago

No problem and welcome to Fleaflicker. We're really happy to have you and think it's great you're using the fielding stats we provide.

We take all suggestions into consideration and will of yours. It's something we would like to show, but right now it's not used as much as the statistics shown on the leaders/players page (we'd have to remove other categories that are more widely used).

kory217 2 years ago

well an idea would be (and i hate to have to compare to other site providers but) to have a pull down navigation bar where much like you can toggle between position or year's stats you could toggle which stat field you would like to bring up. I know D isn't used very much but again just the fact that if you're going to make it available to use it would be nice to actually not have to go through another provider to get that stat's results in bulk.

again thanks for the timely responses