FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Baseball Positions for 2012 were updated for the 2012 MLB season a few days ago.

Below is the criteria we used to determine eligibility and what we will do moving forward:

1) Position players (non pitchers) earned eligibility for the 2012 season based on having to have made 10 starts or 14 appearances at the position (if they did not make 10 starts there) in 2011.

2) Eligibility(ies) will not be taken away until we reset this in 2013 for the 2012 season. All player eligibility now will only be added to. Any player who is not eligible at a position, but expected to play there and start there in 2012 will have to gain the eligibility this year in 2012 by starting 7 games there THIS season (or 13 appearances without the starts). Players will not move over until this happens -- they must earn it, even if they are scheduled to start there, or are starting there, in spring training.

3) Pitchers are placed in our system by the statistics provider we use. We go over them to make sure all the SP are starting pitchers and RP are relief pitchers and the ones listed as "P" are usually in the middle like long-relief guys. Guys like Daniel Bard and Aroldis Chapman will have to earn their SP status; although guys like Neftali Feliz who are definitely in the rotation for the year have moved over (pitchers are a bit of a different breed than position players).

4) If the player did not qualify for a certain position last season (they didnt appear in 14 games at a position or did not make 10 starts there), eligibility was given to the position they started the most games at.

5) There are rare instances where we look at players on a case-by-case basis, e.g., it would have been unfair to not have given Posey his 1B status when he would have earned it, having not gotten hurt. Buster Posey was one.

6) Rookies, farm-system players, and in some cases 2nd-year players (like Jesus Montero) are given their position even if they qualified only for a DH -- Montero is given his catcher eligibility there. Other farm-system players will be added when our stats department receives their official information.

7) Any player with 45 or less fantasy points accrued for 2011 in the Flea default scoring system was not changed as the sample size was too small (only affected a handful).

If you guys have any questions on player position eligibility, or think players should be changed and we're incorrect, please contact our staff and team so our department that handles position changes can get back to you. Unfortunately I won't be able to respond individually to requests here because I am not solely in charge of these changes. Many outside consultants were used and we can't respond to them individually in a forum; however, if you want to e-mail us, we will definitely get back to you. Please contact us if you have any questions.

NEdynasty4rings 4 years ago

David Ortiz now has eligibility at 1B, and I'm fairly sure he hasnt made 10 starts or 14 appearances there.

GlennA 4 years ago


FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

I'm looking into this

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Please carefully read Rules 1 and 2...

The 10-start rule is for after the season eligibility deeming, not in-season...

You need only 7 in-season starts to move over.

NEdynasty4rings 4 years ago

makes sense. really hes made 7 starts there? not doubting you guys just surprising. thanks

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Yes, interleague play, he's been hot as well

NEdynasty4rings 4 years ago

haha yeah no kidding

Jmax24 4 years ago

It's still way to loose. It makes fantasy baseball so much easier bc positions that are thin in depth are no longer thin in depth

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Thanks for the comment. What do you feel is loose (what rules in particular)? Any help will be taken into account for future changes, we love user insight. Much thought, however, has been put into these and they should be best.

Jmax24 4 years ago

Maybe it's not that bad. I can live w it. But now that I have your attention I have a few more questions. I've emailed about them previously. When I want to see a players production over an extended periode I hate that I have to go week by week. I liked the scroll bar before. It was way quicker. Im only one person but where would be the con in going back to that? Also, it would be great if you could have a league where the commisioner could choose the MI, CI and OF positions instead of the way it is now. Also, it would be a nice option to have an extended week for week one of the season and the week after the all star break. Right now by default you get a shortened week. The better teams in head to head format aren't decided in a short week. I had you guys adjust my boxscores to reflect an extended week but it messed up the rest of my schedule

Dom 4 years ago

It is about time you got a set of rules for position eligibility instead of doing your own prognosticating for the upcoming season. Thank you..seriously!

deen 4 years ago

Hal..Since I dont use the DH position in my leagues can I can get rid of it so owners in my leagues dont have illegal roster when they have too many DH's?

You guys are kinda going overboard on the DH eligibilty almost every player has it, lol..

Just seems kinda silly to have illegal rosters especially since DH isnt even suppose to be a roster position in my leagues.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

yes, you can get rid of the DH position if you wish -- that's not a problem. any player who started 10 games there last season will have the eligibility. if you want us to remove it in certain positions so you don't have to, let me know the leagues.

deen 4 years ago

If I get rid of the DH position will it screw with the other starting roster positions though? Would it just be easier to raise the DH roster max?

We been playing like this for 3 years, never figured a position we dont use would give somebody an illegal roster..This one owner has 7 DH's this year carried over from last years team, last year the DH max was 3 so you guys added 4 more players to the DH this year on his team alone.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

if you get rid of the DH position, it won't mess with the other starting positions. just X out the DH position at commish options -> edit roster requirements (at the custom page) and it will just move the 1 UTIL to 1 C/1B/2B/SS/3B/LF/CF/RF...

deen 4 years ago

Got it figured out thanks, just added more roster max to the DH that way nothing gets messed up..

Have a hoops question though..Shouldnt JR Smith already have SF eligibility since SF is pretty much his natural position? I guess I dont know if SF is his position but I know he plays both SG and SF.

NEdynasty4rings 5 years ago

I know for David Ortiz, he's just a DH and won't meet 1B requirements this year for the few games he plays there, but it is quite annoying having a guy on your team thats only a DH. Can it be a situation like Montero that he gets 1B eligibility just so theres somewhere to play him other than in UTIL? I dont see a difference there...

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Hi Wilson,

In the fure, please direct these individual inquiries to our e-mail. We can't answer them here really because I'm not solely in charge of them.

But in Ortiz's case, no. Montero was given the exception because of Rule No. 6 above. Ortiz is not a first or second-year player and must earn any eligibility he does not have. He didn't accumulate enough games last year at 1B to be considered one. He can earn it this year though if he does start 7 games or make 13 appearances.


deen 5 years ago

Ortiz is kinda frustrating though so I can understand the complaint because Boston does list him as a backup 1B and he does play the position when Boston travels to an NL city.

I know you want emails sent for this so im sorry but I didnt feel this was critical email worthy. :)

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

In addition to rule 2 above, pitchers must make 3 starts or appear in 8 RP outings to earn eligibility there.

ace43 1 year ago

Will the positions be updated for 2015. such as miguel cabrera losing 3b?

FleaMod Admin 1 year ago

Positions automatically update in December, and our algorithm had difficulty deciphering the difference between appearances and starts from last year with Cabrera. He will be moving over to 1B/DH -- you're correct.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

This is an isolated incident and should not affect any other players. All other players look correct. However, it's possible you may catch something else. If you see any other errors, please feel free to e-mail us at fleaflicker.com or respond to the thread and we'll take them on a case-by-case basis.

According to our rules that we will use every year (updated last year in 2014 that we are sticking by in 2015): fleaflicker.com he will lose 3B eligibility for 2015 within the day.

You need 10 starts and he started in 8 games, but appeared in 10 -- it thought appearances were starts here.

Again, sorry about that and thanks for your understanding with our mistake here and bringing it to our attention -- it was overlooked.

FleaMod Admin 1 year ago