5 years ago

Shea Weber participated in informal drills with his Nashville teammates on Thursday morning after arriving in town Wednesday night.

He is glad that his "stressful" summer is behind him and he is focusing on leading the Predators. "It was obviously tough and stressful going through all of it," he said referring to the offer sheet situation that he signed with the Philadelphia Flyers. "Now that I look back, it's something I'll never forget. Not a lot of guys get to experience that side of it. There's a lot to the business. Obviously it's very complex. I learned a lot through all of it. Now I'm glad it's gone and we can move past it." He also spoke about his 14-year, $110 million deal not having a no-trade or no-movement clause. Weber said, "You have to move forward. I want to be here. I plan to be here for 14 years. Now it's not in my control. It's obviously up to them and whatever they want to do, they can do. But I love it here, I love my teammates and the fans and the city."