5 years ago

Sam Gagner continues to play very well in Austria.

In 19 games with Klagenfurter AC of the Austrian Erste Bank Ice Hockey League, Gagner has scored 10 goals and registered 18 points. He also seems to be enjoying the opportunity to play in a face-paced league with the added bonus of skating alongside former teammate Andrew Cogliano. "It was a good opportunity for me to play and develop as a player," said Gagner. "It's a league with a really high pace, so it forces me to really move my legs and I think that's a really good thing for me going forward. Hopefully it prepares me for an NHL season if we have one - and that's what I'm looking for. It was great that he [Cogliano] came over. Just like me, he wanted to come over and get some game action and be ready if there was an NHL season," Gagner said. "For us to get a chance to play with each other again, made it a lot of fun. We're both excited that we got the opportunity to play there, they've been really good to us and it's been a lot of fun."