5 years ago

Ryan Getzlaf's new deal with the Anaheim Ducks is worth $66 million over eight seasons.

That gives Getzlaf a cap hit of $8.25 million. That might sound absurdly high and before the lockout it might have been. After all, it's only marginally below Sidney Crosby's cap hit. However, the new CBA has limited team's abilities to lower the cap hit by heavily frontloading contracts and tacking on cheap years at the end of massively long deals. The new CBA will cause the cap hit of the best players to rise and Getzlaf's new deal is reflective of that. It will, however, make it that much harder for Anaheim to re-sign Corey Perry before he becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer and then Bobby Ryan before his deal expires following the 2014-15 campaign.