5 years ago

Olli Jokinen was hopeful for a settlement to the lockout last week, but now his outlook has changed and has become more pessimistic.

He said that everyone should probably expect the work stoppage to last for the entire year because thinking optimistically might be keeping your hopes up for nothing. However, the Winnipeg forward, who is still waiting to make his Jets debut, has managed to find a silver lining despite his less than enthused mindset. "I think the most-positive thing is you can stay active with your kids," he said. "You can enjoy the things that you don't normally get the chance to enjoy. At the same time you respect your wife a lot more because you start to realize what they go through in the year, you know? This is our job, but at the end of the day you don't want this whole lockout to affect your normal life because once you get to that point then it affects your everyday life. I try not to bring my work home. I've always been that way and I'll still be that way."