5 years ago

Milan Hejduk discussed his decision to give up Colorado's captaincy to youngster Gabriel Landeskog on Tuesday night.

"(The captain) should be somebody with a significant role on the team, probably on the top two lines, which I was not last year," said Hejduk. "It kind of feels weird when you're playing on the third and fourth lines and being captain. It didn't feel right." Landeskog is 17 years younger than Hejduk, but the veteran winger doesn't have any problem with following the 19-year-old's lead. "He's going to be, in my mind, the franchise player for a long time," Hejduk said. "He's young, but he's got a good head on his shoulders. I think the organization is in good hands." This is expected to be Hejduk's last year in the NHL before he retires and although the torch has essentially already been passed to the team's younger batch of players this is a rather bold statement by the organization.