5 years ago

Kevin Bieksa thinks that 75 percent of the fans favor the NHL players this time.

"I think 75 per cent of the fans have been very supportive," Bieksa said. "I have been getting a lot of messages saying we support you guys, the players. There is a lot of information out there this time, it's not like the last lockout where unless you were really paying attention you didn't know what was going on. Now there is a lot of information out there. There are stats, numbers are being thrown around, people are informed and they know what is going on here. They know it is a $3-billion business, they know the owners had record revenues last year. Just look at the numbers, like I said, the dedicated fans, 75 per cent of them, are behind us." Bieksa made these comments at an informal skate Monday at the University of British Columbia.