5 years ago

Jason Pominville was back on the ice with his Buffalo teammates in an informal workout on Tuesday.

He quickly made travel plans to come back to North America once hearing that the NHL and NHLPA had agreed to the framework of a new CBA. "I wanted to be here, make sure I got a good sweat in," Pominville said after the session. "It's such a tight turnaround, there was no time for a day off." During the lockout, he appeared in seven games with Adler Mannheim in Germany and finished with 12 points. "It was fun, a great organization," Pominville said of the experience. "The GM is a big Sabres fan. They treated me really well. Great fans. It's different than what we see here - they sing the whole game. They chant. Different kind of vibe. I'm excited I had the chance to go there and play. Obviously I would have rather been here but I'm excited I had the opportunity and my family enjoyed themselves as well."