5 years ago

Ilya Bryzgalov joined the discussion of Russian-born players possibly staying in the KHL depending on what happens when a new CBA is agreed upon.

He said to a Russian interviewer, "I think some of the players may not return to the NHL because you have everything here and major companies are going to pay the top players here big money. And, especially for Russians players who can play at home in front of their own fans and families and [earn] even bigger money than they have in the National Hockey League. The KHL can't feed all the players, but for some big players - especially those with Russian passports - it might be a threat." Bryzgalov also said that the owners need to take responsibility for their actions. He cited the long-term deals that some players received prior to the old CBA expiring as an example of them creating their own their problems. The Russian netminder is currently playing in the KHL with CSKA Moscow.