5 years ago

Evgeni Malkin is enjoying his time in Russia.

Malkin is currently playing in the KHL and when asked if he missed the NHL his answer was: "No." "I'm happy with everything in Magnitogorsk," he said to Sovetsky Sport. "We have a great team. We win a lot. I'm in good shape and get plenty of time on the ice." He does want to see the owners be more reasonable, though. "This 1 percent is millions of dollars," Malkin said. "But what surprises me is that hockey isn't the main business for club owners. They are all billionaires and argue with us - those who make living only through sports. ... We want a decent agreement with the NHL because we have to think about families. Club owners are great guys. I think they could've just given up on this 1 per cent and not be so stubborn." Malkin has 33 points in 25 games.